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Letter from Yael Powell about "Net of Light"

My beloved spirit family,

As many of you know from the Messages and meditations, God is asking us to bring the Real to Earth, now that the veil has been lifted during the Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence. As in each phase of our unfolding, we understand every day more of what this means, as God leads us through it. God is asking us to be The Bridge, holding an expanded consciousness alive in the Real, while living our lives here in the world – attuning the vibrations of each area of our lives to its Real frequency. As we do this, we are to manifest the realms of Love in the symbols of life on Earth.

One of the first areas on which God is focusing is opening our consciousness to God’s unlimited abundance that is ever and always ours, delivered by God directly each Now Moment as a part of our very life. God is calling us now to fully live our purpose. For LightWorkers specifically (and people in general), lack of abundance is preventing our being totally available to give and serve. God is asking us to manifest the truth of abundance in a way that all of us can see and relate to in our daily lives.

We do this, first, by clearing our hearts and attuning them to the Real, allowing God’s Love flowing through us to show up in the symbols of the world all around us. We also amplify the Love present in the things of this world until that Love becomes free and unfrozen and can stand forth as the reflection of the Real in the symbols of this world.

God has called this pathway that we will use to lift the world The Net of Light. It has two aspects -- true unlimited abundance and Twin Flame Love. God has given us Messages and steps to clear the heart – opening us to our Twin Flames. Now God is turning the focus to abundance and the whole spectrum, from vision to action, related to manifesting Real abundance in our lives. We are all being asked to be pioneers together, exploring how this works.

With consistent urgency, God is now asking us to free ourselves and all other LightWorkers from lack so we can be free to focus on serving others, rather than continually focused on making a living.

To do this, God has given us a concrete and tangible pathway to abundance with a spiritual foundation. We introduce this to you via our new website,

Just as God gave us the SoulMate Dispensation allowing us to come together with our Twin Flame, now God also gives us a dispensation for abundance, allowing us to experience the truth of God’s unlimited abundance, even before we have fully transformed all of our heart’s beliefs about money and abundance.

A few months ago, I experienced a very big shift. I totally opened to accept God’s abundance in a way I never had before. Two days later a program called InVeStworks was brought to me along with immediate confirmation from God that this was something very important.

InVeStworks was given by God to a woman named Suzanne Kincaid. When this first came it was as much of a surprise to me, and to us at Circle of Light, as it might be to some of you. When I took this to God, after it was brought to me, I never never never expected to be “mixing spirit and money.” And yet, the vision that God gave me then and has since given me again and again (and again) is so beautiful and powerful, and lives inside of me now so clearly, that even when my mind comes in and begins to talk to me about how crazy this is, nothing can touch this resonance that is now in my heart.

This resonance is the gift of freedom for, first, the LightWorkers, and then humankind from the oppressive and driving belief in lack, freeing every person to truly fulfill his/her spiritual purpose, as quickly as possible. There is also a great sense of urgency – that the time is short and every LightWorker is needed to be free to do their part. Once this has been accomplished, all others will be easily lifted.

Every question that I have brought to God about “why this?” has been answered in a way that just enhances this incredible vision of what Suzanne Kincaid was given and what we are now actively supporting. It is a vision of sharing, of caring, of working together, and it’s also, of course, going to bring forth for clearing any old heart’s beliefs all of us have carried about money, about abundance, and about abundance and spirit – that they can’t go together. So now we laughingly say here at Circle of Light that God is asking us to take on the big ones – Love, sexuality and money!

One of the things I asked God was why not just pour the money into our hands directly, and the answer was that this is not just for us, of course. It is not even just for all the LightWorkers. Most people need something tangible to relate to. What touched my heart immediately was God showing me that this could be taken to people who have very little education and very little available to them in terms of opportunities in the normal world, and because it is easily explained and understood, it could assist people to rise up out of poverty in a way that would really be the law of giving in action in the symbols of the world.

God also showed me how by saying, “Oh, God will take care of us,” we were actually leaving a big “hole” in the energy around money. Rather than embracing and celebrating the abundance that is a living part of who we are, we were creating a “void” where abundance was concerned.

So here we are, holding the torch high once again, with God showing us that after the dissolving of the veil in August, we also are now truly bringing the vibration of the Real into the symbols of life on Earth in a way that supports the law of giving, supports the law of Love. More than anything, there is a continual urgency to release the LightWorkers from the attention on having to make a living so we can all be free – all of us – to lift this world quickly back to Love. We are all needed and we are needed with all of our attention. Across the board almost (I would say about 98%), the people we interact with from all over the world who are LightWorkers with the most glorious hearts are struggling with money. They are spending so much of their time and energy just making ends meet that they have very little time to actually go forth to present Love and giving and information, whatever God calls them to give, to others.

As you read what we have presented at, I want to invite all of you to come to us with your questions or reactions because we are a spiritual family. One of the things we’ve really seen with this vision we’ve been given about this blending of Heaven and Earth and the abundance of God coming forth in the symbols of this world is that this is being presented to us in a way that creates inclusiveness, creates a network and encourages us have contact with each other and support each other. As we keep including more and more people and creating the Net of Light, we are freeing everybody from the oppression about money.

There are many ways that God has shown us that this system reflects God’s laws of abundance. Since God’s Love and abundance are always inclusive, always “more,” God would not give us something that is isolated. We would not be told to go invest in stocks or something where we do it all by ourselves on the computer, without involving anyone else.

Instead we are going to be asked to do something that makes us reach out and include and interact with people and to share our hearts and give our Love and to have contact -- more, not less. Its potential for abundance is unlimited (which certainly reflects our abundance in God). It requires a very small amount of time and effort -- the closest thing to reaching out our hand and having money appear that still has a tangible explanation in the world. And it’s a perfect example of how supporting each other, giving to each other and holding a vision of giving all people freedom, comes back to support us in an exponential way.

God says that the internet and this Net of Light are symbols for the larger Net of Light that is joining our hearts and lifting the world. We are creating Heaven in the symbols of this world, exercising God’s principles of sharing, caring and inclusiveness in action. The Net of Light is the manifestation in the symbols of Earth life of the grid of light now surrounding the Earth in the Real.

As we have been sharing this vision with others, we’ve discovered that many people, when they hear about this, instantly have a reaction based on old experiences. Of course this is purposeful too. It gives us another opportunity to not choose a future based on experiences from the past. It gives us another opportunity to stop, to be in the moment, to go into our hearts, and to say “is this truly what is being presented to me or am I just reacting? Am I having an experience based on some fear that came out of the past?”

I do want you all to know that it has not been easy on the “human level” personally for me to be connecting money and spirit, but the vision is so strong that my mind can’t even compete with it, and every time I take it to God with whatever the question is, that vision is there and it’s just resonating in my heart. I really can see and feel the vision that Suzanne was given and that God is asking us to support and carry on. It is coming to us because of our hearts. Because we have opened ourselves to God, that River of Life is going to show up in the symbols of this world, and the symbols of the world require some way for that abundance to come in the form that we are using on Earth which is money.

So we get to “walk back to God” a lot of the old distress about spirit and money and a lot of the old deep-within programs that say it is not spiritual to even think about money, much more spiritual to take vows of poverty – easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to go to Heaven. Of course all of those things were created by men – by human consciousness – to keep human beings down, to keep them controllable, whether it was the church or whether it was government.

So we have to break these bonds, and I really want to ask for all of us to assist each other in doing this – to really open ourselves to God’s abundance in a way that allows us to transform any and all old beliefs that money and spirit are separate. They are all energy and Love of God showing up in the symbols of this world as us. We are here as symbols of God’s pure Love and living it step by step as best we can, and as we live it, then the things around us begin to show it.

I also want you to know that we have had many conversations with Suzanne Kincaid, the woman who was given this vision initially. She is part of Neale Donald Walsch’s (Conversations with God) Humanity’s Team. She is very much in line with us vibrationally. She is an incredible glorious and loving heart and an amazing light. Everything she does is totally selfless and dedicated to getting this out there so that people can be free. Once we had a conversation with her, we knew why God had sent us to her.

So I invite all of you to take this into your hearts, go to and allow God to show you that this is part of our steps to freedom. For us, we’ve never been given the easy road. We’ve always taken on whatever needed to be taken on in order to free humankind, to “walk it back,” so walking back all of our issues about abundance and money and spirit is certainly a part of doing it for all of the LightWorkers.

The biggest energy that keeps coming now from God is “Free the LightWorkers,” “Free the LightWorkers” as fast as you can, as much as you can. So this isn’t just about Circle of Light. It’s about getting it out there in the biggest way that we can, as quickly as we can. Of course, as we make it work, then we have more proof to share with other LightWorkers.

Most important of all, this is only an invitation to us in this adventure. If it does not resonate with you, please know, absolutely, that this is fine. We promise you that we totally respect and support each person’s decision regarding this. We also promise, totally, that you will never feel pressured in any way or feel that we are disappointed if you don’t participate. It is very important to us that you know this and that we all live our commitments to support each other in every way. We are also very aware that to be successful in this is totally dependent on each person doing his or her part. So it only makes sense to extend the invitation and to wait on those whose hearts say “Yes!” . Just know that how we feel is that this is making a bridge between the spirit and the abundance and the symbols of this world.

The spiritual vision given to us by God and detailed steps for entering this new path to abundance are on the new website, If you have any questions, Shanna or Doug will do their best to answer them. Feel free to email to connect [at] circleoflight [dot] net or give Doug a call (479 253 6043) or Shanna (479-253-6832.

I appreciate all of you so much, and I appreciate that you are so connected to our hearts, to our lives, to our Love, to our dedication to God. We love you all SO much. The blessings here multiply daily as they always do when we are immersed in God’s Love. We are SO glad that you are part of our beloved spiritual family.

With all my Love,