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Having fun and Enjoying life

Having fun and enjoying life

25th Sep 2003

Message from Maitreya

So many souls who work for us on the Earth plane believe they have to work and not take time out for play and enjoyment. They believe we the Masters will not be pleased with them should they not do this, but there must be a balance in the life. In order to be in balance, one must have work and play.

Another misconception is the belief we in spirit do not have fun, if only they knew! If you have envisaged us as sitting on clouds with wings, or anything which resembles that, you are in for a big shock when you leave the Earth plane and return home. We have so much fun! It is you on the Earth plane who are sour and do not know how to enjoy life. This is usually because of your conditioning, religion, faith, or the belief that in being spiritual one should not have fun!

I wish you could see us in the spirit world. The gatherings we have, the fun we have and the much laughing we do. Although our existence is different to yours on Earth, because we have no Self in the world of spirit, we certainly do not sit in the spirit world being religious and holy - how boring! We do though work hard for the Ultimate Being (God as you know this energy). However, we also take the opportunity to have fun as often as we can.

So many souls try so hard to be 'spiritual' denying themselves pleasure and fun. This is how it has been portrayed in the past aeons of time on Earth. Being spiritual is not about being holy, religious and denying oneself. It is about going within and truly looking at oneself. Being true to oneself and making the changes necessary to have a happy and contented life, the life YOU want. Along the way, much change takes place and yes, one has to let go of the comfort zone and many other things. However, one still has the energy to enjoy life and have fun. You are the creator of your own reality! If you are one of the workaholic souls reading this, take some time out to play and have fun. Believe me, if you do, you will get more work done in a more relaxed frame of mind. You will be less stressed and happier. Why not give it a try?