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HEAVEN #1898 Catch Your Dreams January 15, 2006

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HEAVEN #1898 Catch Your Dreams January 15, 2006

God said:

Belief is nothing, beloveds. What does belief count for in this world of man? What does it matter to the shape of the Earth whether you believe it to be round or flat? What do you think your beliefs weigh? And what do they affect? Whether or not you believe in miracles, what has your belief got to do with the existence of miracles? Don't believe in miracles, and, regardless, miracles are just the same.

Does anyone really imagine that your belief in Me or your disbelief in Me affects My existence? Beliefs or disbeliefs persuade or dissuade you.
Otherwise, they affect nothing.

Of course, your beliefs about yourself affect you. Your beliefs about your place in the world affect you. They also reflect you.

Don Quixote thought he was a knight, and so he was. Had he thought he was a scoundrel, he would have been a great success as a scoundrel as well.

What do you think you are? If you think you are destined to be a miserable creature, you increase the odds.

The thing is, you will believe in something. Don't think you have no choice about what you believe in. When you go to the race course, you have your pick of horses to bet on. In terms of your life, what do you bet on?
Place your bets now.

Bet on good health. Bet on a long happy life. Bet on glad tidings.
Bet on all that which you desire. What have you been betting on? What is the point of putting your money on doom unless you want it to win?

How much have you bet on discouragement, discontent, despair, and disappointment? Change your betting strategy now. Bet on yourself. Bet on your ability. Bet on your vision. When you want your boat to go in a certain direction, you lean that way.

You persuade or dissuade yourself from your dreams. Grab hold of them instead. Catch your dreams as you would a lever, and pull.

Set your sites high. Expand your vision. Open up the field of all possibilities. Run with your desires. Play them out. Odds are you will not climb a mountain unless you choose to. Odds are, when you choose to, you will climb it. Odds are, if you think you can't, you won't start. If you think something is too hard for you, you cut yourself off from it. You dismiss yourself. You deny yourself the chance. You won't even enter the race. Better to put the odds in your favor.

What is it that you are not capable of? Use desire and determination to work for you. How wonderful to be in the company of desire and determination. Much better than being in the company of disdain or defeat.
Cut yourself off from nothing. Create opportunity, and know it when you see it.

If you are dealing the cards, deal them. Give yourself an ace. Keep looking for it to appear.

While you have life, you might as well use it.

Why would you have an airplane unless you were going to fly it?

Why would you have courage unless you were going to use it?

What are muscles for but to use?

What is money for but for reward?

What is life for but to live?

What is belief for but to believe?

Believe in goodness, and make it appear.

Believe in your heart, and follow it.

Whether the Earth be round or flat, dance on it.

Copyright@ 1-15-06

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