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HEAVEN #1899 Your Universe January 16, 2006

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HEAVEN #1899 Your Universe January 16, 2006

God said:

There is a revolution in the world going on. The wheel of life is spinning, and you can only spin with it. Life as you have known it will no longer be known. There is a permutation of life coming that is the answer to everyone's prayers.

Realize, of course, that the change comes from inside you. With a change of thought and a change of heart, the world is changed. This is how it happens. This should not be surprising to you.

Imagine a long boat and many rowers rowing. When all the rowers tip to one side, the boat will tip with them as well. Just so, how you lean in life determines the expanse of the world. You expand the horizons as far as you can see. Stars have been shining on you forever. When everyone looks up at them, will not the stars shine brighter?

What you look at grows brighter. What you see better is better seen.
You must already have some idea of how you affect the universe. Every thought of your affects.

You plant flowers. When a little flower of yours is thirsty, you water it. The little flower communicated with you, and you understood. The little flower asked for your attention, and you gave your attention, and comprehension followed. Had you not looked at the little flower, you may well not have noticed it was asking you for water. You might even have stepped on it thoughtlessly and never have known because your attention was elsewhere.

The universe is thirsty for your attention. It is fine that you polish your shoes and iron your shirt, and, yet, will you not give a moment's thought to the well-being of the universe?

Do not think I mean for you to look to lack. I mean for you to look to prosperity.

When you attend to the little flower, you have a view of its full bloom.

And so, look to the health of the universe. Look to what you have in mind. Have in mind the full blossoming of the world. This is why imagining is so important. Imagining is having a picture in mind. Have a picture in mind, and you escalate its arrival.

In life you are like an archeologist on a dig. You are looking for treasure of one kind or another. You are looking for what you value. You are not looking for what you do not value.

If you are a gold miner, you mine for gold. You aren't mining for coal. If you find coal, you will make some use of it, but you are prospecting for gold. Prospect for what you desire.

Columbus sought the shores of India, and he found a new land, and much has been made of this new land. If Columbus lived today, and there were no new lands left to discover, he would seek to make new the land he found.He would not draw a sigh and contemplate that there are no new lands to discover. He would raise the land he discovered higher.

The new lands are within you, beloveds. You will expand according to your vision. If you see only what has already been seen, you will become tired of it. If you have already seen the wrinkles on the face of the Earth, look now for something else to look at. Whatever you would like to see, propose to yourself. What would the world you desire look like? What would your dreams for it be? And when your dreams are realized, what will they look like? What thoughts of yours are going to revolve the world?

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