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today's heavenletter feelings

All the love you give will assail you.

Do not doubt this for a moment. I know you do doubt it. You feel you have given away so much love, and it never came back, or, if it did, it stayed for only a moment.
I have always wondered why I have to suffer so often in matters of the heart in my life when I love so many so much. I always have a place in my heart for those I feel need love the most---outcasts, poor, lonely, troubled. It is the saddest of people I try to be there for, yet I feel sad so much, especially lately & I wonder what God's plan is for me? I hope I will have the love of my lifetime stay with me for more than a brief moment, but then is not this life we have on Earth but a brief moment anyway? The glory lies in returning to be with Him.

today's heavenletter feelings

and here is Krishna playing the flute

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Do you, or any of you, believe in magic? Maybe it's God's magic and I just fell upon it. We've heard in the last few days about Reiki, healing via light. I've told you about my shrinking moles by putting pink light on them and saying, "I love you and I will love you more when you are smooth skin." Friends, I've brought people who litterally disliked me to me as good friends, hundreds of people I didn't know were giving me big tips and stuck around so that they would be near me. I was sharing Pink Light with them all! I even brought the perfect woman into my life! I believe in magic, and I bet God does too! Put loving Pink Light on people and watch curiously as they are transformed. Please, don't even tell them what you are doing, just wait and do it. You will believe more strongly that you Can effect your beloved with Pink Light when you see the proof!


Joe's post on magic

Joe( & All,)
I believe that love is magic. Just as I believe the Lord plays a hand in every conception, I believe that the Lord plays a role in every love connection that happens to us. I am sending the world the healing love of reiki all the time, & of course we know (don't we?) love's light is pink, & I am quite sure that is why I resonate with pink rose quartz. I have always been this way, & it is hard for me to accept when others are not. In the last few years, I have had several people that did not believe in God & His love came to know the Lord...& knowing me & being exposed to my ways of thinking DID help to lead them on their path. I have stories, but I will not go into the whole religion thing...I will only say that I always try to help those who are blind to God & His see.I think tecahing by example works best, like attraction rather than promotion.
Thanks Joe.
I love you.