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The wisdom on this forum is fabulous.
God bless you.
With love,

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Joe( & All,)
I believe that love is magic. Just as I believe the Lord plays a hand in every conception, I believe that the Lord plays a role in every love connection that happens to us. I am sending the world the healing love of reiki all the time, & of course we know (don't we?) love's light is pink, & I am quite sure that is why I resonate with pink rose quartz. I have always been this way, & it is hard for me to accept when others are not. In the last few years, I have had several people that did not believe in God & His love came to know the Lord...& knowing me & being exposed to my ways of thinking DID help to lead them on their path. I have stories, but I will not go into the whole religion thing...I will only say that I always try to help those who are blind to God & His see.I think tecahing by example works best, like attraction rather than promotion.
Thanks Joe.
I love you.

Love prevails.

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