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reading over my shoulder again!


Please send me a confirmation that this reached you. Just send it back to
me. I'm not sure that I copied all of your address. No way of my getting
my voice synthesizer reading what is in the clipboard.

Ron, Unconditional love is unconditional. There are no conditions, not
even wishes or desires intended. As funny as this might sound to some, not
even selfish ones. The majarity of us are self seekers. Wanting to
satisfy ourselves. Wishing for greater wealth, love, control, etc. Loving
unconditionally means "Without goals." We shouldn't even hope by our
loving another that we can make their lives better! God knows the crosses
each of us are to carry in life. Why should any of us want to change, or
even think that we tiny bits of dust in the Universe can even effect God's
unconditional love?

As you know Ron, I've discovered/rediscovered a powerful method of
creating love. At first God put it in my heart to only share it
unconditionally with others. Seeing its unbelievable powerful effects, I
started misusing it. I used it for various reasons. I was a blind man and
wanted company where ever I moved, I wanted bigger tips in the bar where I
played piano, and I even wanted a wife, and you know what, I got them
all. I will not go into detail about what it cost me, most wouldn't
believe it! I want now to only tell you and your listeners, that we are to
love unconditionally as Christ did. In fact, the only way for us mere
humans to achieve this is to absoluntely love the Christ God in
others. Love our Universal Spirit, US for short, in all of us!

Love's Light,
Joe Tolve

P.S. Thanks for being you and doing such a good job at it everyone!

reading over my shoulder again!

Reverend Joe Tolve,
Just read this and I have one very little thing to
add. Unconditional love opens pathways for love to
return to us after we send it out. It is a circle.
Many love and help others yet refuse anything in
return. This blocks the circular flow that is the
total expression of love. Desiring friends and wanting
a loving wife are not, in my estimation, a misuse of
your gift. Seeking larger tips from those listening to
your playing, on the other hand, could be. Your wife
is an expression of your loving heart, given to you in
order to help you continue to grow in that love. She
is one expression of pink light made manifest just for
you. And I might say do not ever think that she came
to you for anything less.

Dance the dance of love,

reading over my shoulder again!

Well-said, Robert!

I think we all need to read this.

With love and blessings,


reading over my shoulder again!

Right on Robert! Now I know why I am still receiving messages from

We are talking the same language and the only aditional comments I have is
that this circle really isn't a circle, for there is only one person,
receiving and sending, God. That other person in our life is beloved
and/or enomy, is god and we need to love him/her as our perfect US,
Universal Spirit, and the (us) we all know. This us should be also
capitalized, for it is God!


reading over my shoulder again!

You da Man, or should I say You Da Blind Man, with Da
Deep Sight.
Can never really let go of my sense of humor. Oh Well!