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Love is love.

Believe me or not,
I feel deeply the reality of the moment
as well everybody else does.
I am trying to describe this moment
as it reveals to me it's essenctial beauty,
wonder and glory
to you,
for no purpose than that like a butterfly might flicker by in front of your eyes on a warm sunny afternoon in may.
I care.
I care if you think I represent something
or some group or some teaching
you don't like
or wouldn't associate with.
it makes me angry.
Love is love.

I want peace.
i want harmony in the world.
i want everybody to be joyous.
i just do.
i can't help it.
i do.

i like being happy.
i like feeling joy.
i hate suffering.

If I think I can help you?
I'm reaching out!

Sorry if you don't like it.

I'm tyring.
The best I can.
The best I know how.
I'm working as hard as I can.
As hard as I can.
Get it?

Just to say I love you

My brother you are so profound with your words.

Hugs from my heart