No Longer

God said:

No longer will you pick on other people, even in your thoughts. No longer will you hide yourself behind other people's faults. No longer will you excuse yourself from being present. Now you will remove your white gloves. You will no longer pick at imperfection. You do not know the worth of a spot of dust on a table. You do not know what purpose it may serve in the universe. Your major fault, if fault there be, is to fault others.

So what if they are not like you? Should the world be hosted with your perfection alone? Something would be missing if all in the world had your personality. More than fault would be missing. You might wonder why there was sameness everywhere with nothing to break it up.

So right now be overjoyed for the variety of imperfection that the world is made of. Be glad for the opposites of you. Be glad for all those who are less perfect than you, for they occupy a different place in the world. Perhaps their place is to point out to you that you need to resolve some things within yourself. Perhaps they are a clue inserted just for you.

If I can accept everyone with whatever technicalities their surface existence may portray, cannot you?

All were made in My image. Obviously, they were not made in the image of what you may consider proper or improper. No, they were made with love. Have you forgotten? Cannot you have love and blessing in mind?

You do not accuse a magnolia tree for bearing blossoms different from the blossoms the apple tree bears. You do not snub daffodils for being other than a rose. There is place for all. And all who see this are privileged.

My beloveds, if there is place in this planet for one such as you, is there not also place for another?

There is one thing your role surely is not, and that is to be the improver of another. There is no one I have given that role to. There is no one I would. Disapproval is the precursor to improval. Only love is the precursor to change.

But you love, accept, appreciate, not from the desire to change another, but from your desire to reveal love, not even for others to see, but so that you may see. You see what you project. Start looking from another window. You will see differently.

You are not a detective with a magnifying glass nor are you a bloodhound on the track of misdemeanor. You are a child of God on earth to reveal the essence of life, not to point out tiny infractions. The essence of existence is love. It certainly is not fault. Fault stands out on its own. It certainly needs no help from you.

Pay attention to where you look, for all other eyes follow yours. What do you want to point out to others? What do you want them to see? Would you like them to see narrow or to see large? What would you have them look for?

There is always more than the surface reveals.

Look kindly.

Forgive transgresses.

Do not file them. Erase them.

Do not pounce on error as one who collects taxes.

Error is not meant to be kept. Do not frame it and put it on the wall. If you have hung error anywhere, yours or another's, take it down now. What would you keep it for?

If you have been wearing the title Faultfinder, change it. What would you like to change it to? You can change it to whatever you want. What title do you wish to claim as yours?

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A beautiful and humbling

A beautiful and humbling reminder.