What If You Are Holy?

God said:

When you are so connected to Me as you are, you feel a sense of powerfulness which you may also experience as some kind of beautiful powerlessness. You cannot tell the difference. You feel the Glory and the Power within you at the same time as you well know they are too monumental to fit into your conception of you. The borders of your individuality are exceeded. Exceeded, the borders are no longer.

And so, in one sense, you have been erased off the face of the earth at the same time as you are emblazoned there.

This is your predicament. Your question is not: To be or not to be. Your question is: To be greatness or not to.

You are faced with that choice every day.

To step out onto the deck of life or to stay sequestered.

To stay with the past or to branch out to the present.

To harbor old thoughts or to attain new ones.

To resist or to enfold.

To make believe or to make real.

To sit still on the universe or to uplift it.

To walk towards or to walk away.

To turn toward or to turn away.

To veil your eyes or to open them.

To accept miracles or to spurn them.

To renounce your crown or to accept it.

To mumble or to sing.

To seek your fortune or deny it.

To uphold Truth or to drop it.

To love or to conquer.

To lower your eyes or raise them.

To relish life or to refuse it.

To accept or deny.

To be you or to be something less.

To accept or refuse your highest destiny.

To lock or unlock.

To lie or tell the truth.

To dispute or to love.

To instruct or to love.

To hide or reveal.

To mask or unmask.

To be present or to be absent.

To participate or refrain.

To stir hearts or leave them cold.

To open or to close.

To see possibilities or to see none.

To digress or to get to the point.

To make complaints or to make joy.

To march in place or to move.

To rise or to sit down.

To embrace or reject.

To add or detract.

To arise or to sleep.

To open the blinds or to close them.

To succor the present or lambaste the past.

To lolly around or to get down to it.

To observe or ignore.

To choose or not to choose.

And so on.

But all choices are one, just manifested in different ways.

To be who you are or not to be who you are. That is your choice. And at every moment, you choose one or the other. You choose to be in the light or hide in the shadows.

You have too often hid behind yourself, afraid to come out, afraid to know or be known for the magnificence that you are.

What if you are holy? What if you really are? Would that be so difficult to acknowledge? It would seem to Me to be a lot easier than all the lesser things you have acknowledged, easier than all the information you have amassed, easier than all the fault you have found. I should think it is as easy as pie to announce yourself to yourself.

Are you made in My image or are you not? Will you fit into My heart or not? Say Yes. There is no place else to fit into, My beloveds.