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No Greater, No Below

If I were to write no more
To read no more
Would I cease to be?
If you were to seek no more
To compete no more
Would you cease to be?
Point being
We are more
Than limited beings
Within points of time
In certain directions
Making our points
Or not
In the eyes of man
Remembered or forgot
After all is said and done
We are more than our words and works
And they're, our, credit or blame
It's all the same
All the same
Waves upon the ocean
Headed for somewhere to land
The wind
Calm or kicking up a storm
Whether we blow or are blown
Here or there
Matters not
Our import
Is more than our past, current or future port
It's the unknown deep
From where all waves flow
It's the infinite height
From which all breaths blow
It's the essence
That allows all issues that will eventually go
Leaving the shining truth to remain
In which there is no greater, no below