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Paper cups of love for everyone...

I'm handing out paper cups of love for everyone.'s one for you...and you and you. You can have snacks as well...gingerbread men and women and children...but the're just cookies so don't feel bad eating them.
So does everryone have their cups of love? So now we can do a toast to our father-mother who makes this love for us. Dear father-mother, I am so happy to receive this love and share it with all my friends and even people I don't even know....for love is the great healer and the dispeller of so much darkness...cause love is light! "So I raise my cup in honor of You the source of all of us! May I be a good steward of your love...and may I even be a worthy son or daughter of You....May I now be the Source of Love...may this be revealed now"....feel free to create your own toast, if you knowing you are just as worthy as the son-daughter of the Divine...cause you are Source too!!

Great blessings and paper cups of love for everyone!!


ps: You too can hand out paper cups of love for your family and friends and even people you don't know as well....or even people in differeent parts of the world (you can do this in your heart for them... cause this is the best way anyhow)

Jimmy here....I forgot to

Jimmy here....I forgot to say it's okay if you spill. Love likes to be spilled....

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Dearest Jimmy, I got just

Dearest Jimmy,

I got just my cup of love and I'm really handing them round and giving to everyone. I love what you do and express and I love your BEING. Oh, yes, love loves to be spilled, let's do a toast for being here by divine appointment, thank for coming and sharing dear Jimmy. May we all now be the source of never ending divine love !

Love Light Joy Blessings and JOY !!

Thank you Berit! Seems like

Thank you Berit! Seems like more and more, attachments are unattaching and fading in the loving light of Love...It is so sweet to greet anything and everyone with this open, child-like innocense.....that we are...or at least that is how it feels like now. this river of love that we are...and supported in the miraculous and very wise flow of this love...that caresses the bank and the plankton and the fishes...and all of us. (i was going to edit that last sentence, but i thing I will leave it the way it was born) Love flows around and through us...especially as we notice that we are this love as well. Words aren't intimate enough...but they still do their best! Blessings and splashes of love. Jim and Jimmy.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.