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New subscribers ?

Dearest Gloria,

I have shared some Heavenletters on the Neale Donald Walsch forum and some people really liked them and said they would look up the site and subscribe.
I hope Heavenletters will get as many new subscribers as possible !

Love and blessings to you dear

Dear Berit, This is one of

Dear Berit,

This is one of the best ways to share Heavenletters.

There are a few ideas that we will share with the Heaven community on how Heavenletters network reach may be extended. Our work with Heavenletters is to make them available to as many people as possible. Part of that work involves "advertising and promoting" Heavenletters so that people know where they can be found and read.

By sharing them on forums and blogs and linking back to the original Heavenletter (notice we put a permalink below every Heavenletter so that the direct Heavenletter url is clear), people who read them and like their "taste" will be able naturally inclined to read more Heavenletters and subscribe to them via email.

Good work Berit! :thumbup:

Yeahh ~ well done Berit!

Yeahh ~ well done Berit! :thumbup:

You seem to be on all the same mailing lists as I am!?! surprise surprise! :)

I keep meaning to join his forum, but haven't got round to it yet!

Love and hugs to every ONE



Dearest Mary, if you

Dearest Mary,

if you resonate with the Conversation with God material, many tools are given. If you want more details for making a choice I can send a private mail.

Love and blessings dear !

Oh bless you Sweatheart! Yes

Oh bless you Sweatheart!

Yes ~ I resonate with anything that contains The Essence of Love, and helps others to help themSelves!

I already have most of the NDW books and I'm on all of his various mailing lists,
but by all means send me a private note if you wish Berit ~ I would love to hear from you!