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Gloria's got a slot in Planet Lightworkers Mag...

HEAVENLETTERS, January 08, by Gloria Wendroff
“You love that the Unknown exists. You treasure the Unknown. In comparison, the Known seems like small potatoes. I want to tell you that all is known and you already know it. It is not so much a question of discovery for you as it is of remembrance. It is like the name of someone you know, and, for a while, you simply can't think of the name...”

Well done Gloria!



Well done Gloria! I checked

Well done Gloria!

I checked this months "PlanetLightworker" magazine and found not only one "Heavenletters" published, but two!

Thanks Mary, for mentioning it!

Ooh, thanks for adding the

Ooh, thanks for adding the url Xenia ~ I meant to put that in yesterday!


M :)