New Heaven News 26 May 2010, Opening Doors

Opening God Quote:

"Be the breath of fresh air that you desire life to be. Be good to yourself in that you don’t have to find fault. Find understanding instead. Find a place inside yourself where storm does not enter. Find a quiet corner of yourself where peace reigns. If you do sincerely want peace in your life, be the peace you desire. If you seek the Kingdom, where else will you find it but within yourself?"         

        Heavenletter #2441 The Peace You Desire
        Submitted by Jerry Weiner, Retired Teacher, Des Moines, Iowa

Welcome, Charlie Tena, 1st Heaven Subscriber from the Solomon Islands

charlie tenor

Charlie writes: "I'm from the Solomon Islands, but currently i'm doing my degree study at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, majoring in Politics and workplace Relations. I'm 23 years of age and already married with one daughter; she is now 2 years 10 months old. Both my wife and my baby girl are back at home in the Solomon Islands. My wife is the one who brings me closer to God. Being away from my family, I have faced many temptations and struggles in life. I just need to be back on the path with God and to receive encouragement and words from God's messengers."

See the story of the Solomon Islands further down.

Inspiration from a Heavenreader:

Below is a painting that Suzanna Siroka created and posted on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum for Heavenletter #3447, The Threshold of God's Heart:

Suzanna Siroka painting

Suzanna wrote:

Dear God, I love to go back again and again to the entrance to Your heart, like in a movieset. I do so with my uncomplete dreams, and find it very helpful, so I will go often to this door to Your heart, and I made a drawing for You and your readers, which touches me and is a reminder to go to the entrance again, and to dare go in. Here I Am God, and I love with my heart full. Thanks,  Suzanna

Angels who spread Heavenletters all over the world

Bernie Siegel


Bernie has invited me to write a foreword to one of his upcoming books of poetry that Rosenberry Books, an innovative publisher of fine-bound books, will soon be publishing.

Yes, in addition to being a surgeon, teacher, author of more books and audio books than I can count, Bernie Siegel, one of the first pioneers of body/mind/spririt medicine, has also been writing simple powerful poems that united Heaven and Earth. 

Bernie is one of the toughest, kindest, biggest-hearted people I know.  He has subscribed to Heavenletters for many many years, comments often, and you may remember that he not only introduced the Heaven CD but funded it.

Now Bernie has asked if I will write a foreword to one of his upcoming books of poems called Self and God. Self and God is one of a series of poetry books. And now Diane Katz, editor and designer at Rosenberry Books, likes the idea of the "energy/words" a foreword including words from Heavenletters will add.

Here's one poem from Bernie's book, Self and God.

Out of My Mind

I am usually out of my mind.
There is nowhere else
I'd rather come from,
or go to,
or be.
Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts.
I struggle to find my way out
of my mind
and into my body
so I can feel
find my way
into my heart,
and my right mind.

Find Bernie here:

Thanks, St. B.

Loving Energies


Sineh Katya

SiNeh and his wife Katya post a Heavenletter every day on their heart-filled site.

Blend of Loving Energies is an Island of Light on this Planet "where YOU can be the most important part of it!"

SiNeh wrote:

"GRATITUDE comes from the heart and if we say thank you even in silence unheard by the others, the heart which is addressed hears it. So let me offer MY gratitude to you for sharing the Heavensletters with the whole world! We are SiNeh -- I am an other you~"

Isn't that beautiful?

Blend of Loving Energies

transcendence mag banner

You may remember that a few years ago, Heaven Admin was in a small town in South Africa,  and was astonished to discover printed copies of Heavenletters at a newstand! Isn't that just wonderful!

And now the same people who gave Heaven Admin that nice surprise have an ezine, and, to our delight, include a well-chosen Heavenletter each issue.

Jo Petzer, Editor of Transcendence

Jo Peterze

Jo writes:

Transcendence is published every month on the full-moon. It is a unique, non-profit electronic magazine aimed at promoting unity in spiritual diversity and in equipping serious students of God with inspiration, motivation and methods of transformation. Our monthly electronic mini-magazine has been compiled specifically with serious spiritual aspirants like you, in mind. Transcendence is free of commercial adverts and filled only with hiqh-quality universally-applicable spiritual content to uplift, inspire and encourage you on your most important inner journey back to Source.

In the March issue, Transcendence published Heavenletter #455, As You Set Out on Your Journey. In the April issue, Transcendence chose #25 A Lotus-filled Lake in a Golden Land. In addition, the editor chooses marvelous quotations from varied Heavenletters. Very nice.  Thanks, Jo. 

I wish we could give credit to all the people who circulate Heavenletters. We are so grateful to everyone who reprints Heavenletters just as they are, and includes them in their newsletters and ezines and blogs and on Yahoo group and Facebook etc. We also appreciate all the great Heavenreaders who send Heavenletters to their friends and family and invite them to subscribe.

I must include, however, two sites that have been sending out Heavenletters every day and have for years and years . They are:

Lady Isis, The Light Circle Ezine,a daily Consciousness Raising inspirational newsletter filled with soul food!

Russ Michael, Michael's Worldwide Newsletter
WWW.SOULMATEBOOKS.COM Michael, you may remember, is the angel who found the book publishers for Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One, in Greece, Germany, and Romania.

While we're at it, a plug for Panos Axiomakaros, Bolero Publications in Athens, Greece who published the Heaven book in both Greek and German, and to Monica Visan, Editura for You who published the Heaven Book in Bucharest, Romania.

We are so happy that many new International subscribers have recently come from 42 countries:

Argentina Aruba Australia Belgium Brazil Brunei Cameroon Canada Chile China

Denmark Finland France Germany Honduras Hong Kong India Ireland Israel Italy Latvia

Mexico Netherlands Norway Philippines Portugal Romania Saint Vincent Saudi Arabia

Scotland Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand

Trinidad and Tobago Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Yugoslavia

Many more international countries subscribe to Heavenletters than are mentioned here. In this list, we include only countries from where new subscribers have recently come.

When one new person from a country subscribes, then there is a flow of more new subscribers from that country. This is natural networking from the hearts of Heavenreaders, and it is because of this very person-to-person sharing that Heavenletters continue to reach more and more people.

In the U.S., too, one new subscription leads to another.

We used to include all the new subscribers from all states in the U.S. in Heaven News. The bulk of subscribers do come from the U.S. We are thrilled with every new subscriber wherever they come from. If you miss finding out which states new U.S. subscribers are coming from, let us know.

Press the Add Comment link at the end of this Heaven News and respond to this New Heaven News. Share your hearts and thoughts here.

More about Translators!

Featured New Translator from the Netherlands


We are so fortunate now to have three fine translators from the Netherlands. Wonderful! Thank you, Anco, Yriah, and now Luus.

Luus is the newest translator into Dutch. Luus is translating every day now out of the goodness of her heart. It is a beautiful thing when God sends someone to translate Heavenletters so that people can read Heavenletters in their mother tongue. That the people of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, a book I read and reread and loved as a child, can have daily Heavenletters thrills me.

Now The Netherlands join the ranks of countries who lovingly translate every day -- Italy, France, Germany and Turkey. Only love and desire to serve God could make this miracle happen.

Please tell me if I omitted any country who has translations every day.

Future Translator of Heavenletters

Engin's daughter

Engin has been translating Heavenletters into Turkish for years and years. And now her darling daughter, Sarya, is assisting!

Engin tells me that Sarya is very active and interrupts the translating process, but I think that what really is happening is that Surya is a translator-in-training!

Thanks, Engin and Sarya.

More Inspiration from Heavenreaders

Carmen, originally from the Philippines and now Denmark, wrote and posted a tribute to God on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum:


dear God heavenly father,
so very sweet your words,
let not the world disturb us, let us bless the world
without even thinking about it and certainly whithout thinking
of it transgression, let our love sweep interference from love away

i want to write my poem to you,
i slept and i dreamt my life was joy,
i woke and i saw that life was service,
i acted and i hold sevice was joy
i can all joy in my inner with You in the world


The story of the Solomon Islands:

When Spanish explorer Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira visited the Solomon Islands in 1568, he found some gold at the mouth of what is now the Mataniko River. By a turn of an amused fate, he thought that this could be one of the locations in which King Solomon had obtained gold for his temple in Jerusalem. Mendaña then named the islands after King Solomon—Solomon Islands.

The islands are most widely known to the outside world for the World War II battles that were fought there, especially on Guadalcanal. Peace prevailed for most of the rest of the century in a country that was sometimes called the "Happy Islands."

The Solomon Islands lie northeast of Australia in the South Pacific Ocean.
There are a total of 992 islands in the Solomon Islands!.

This Melanesian region of the Pacific is known for its polylinguism. Among Melanesians and Polynesians in the Solomon Islands, approximately 63 to 70 distinct languages are spoken and perhaps an equal number of dialects.


Ending God Quote:

"Do you think creation is more powerful than the Creator of it? What could be more powerful than the essence of life? Is the mighty oak mightier than the acorn from which it sprang? More visible, yes. More powerful? Do you really think so? That which is invisible is more powerful than that which is visible. The Source of manifestation outdoes the manifestation any day."

         Heavenletter #2576 Your Daily Bread
         Submitted by Jerry Weiner, Des Moines, Iowa

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