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New Afrikaans and Romanian translators


Lets welcome Denise Nomvula Brand from South Africa and Cristina-Iaona Todoran from Romania to the Global Translators Circle of Expanding Light!.

Nomvula which means rain in isiZulu will be translating on a fairly regular basis into Afrikaans, a form of old Dutch still spoken in South Africa.

Cristina will be joining Anca with Romanian translations. Her mum is already working on the first Hungarian translation.

Both Cristina and Nomvula are part of the Mojahmedia team.

Oceans of Love


THIS is so exciting!

THIS is so exciting! Wonderful things are happening! Thank you, Heaven Admin, for finding these treasures.

What is Cristina's mom's name who will be translating into Hungarian!

And Nomvula means Rain!

I would love to know the meanings of everyone's names!

And do we have photos for next Heaven News?

Oh how exciting! Welcome

Oh how exciting!

Welcome Cristina and Nomvula, to our wondrous Heavenly family!

Love and hugs to you both



More angels, joining the

More angels, joining the Global Heaven! What good news!

Hi, Nomvula and Cristina-Iaona, I greet you and welcome you to this 'family', with much love,