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Namaste, Saraswati

It was with great sadness that I learned that Santhan’s beloved mother passed away October 10 in South Africa.

She leaves a devoted husband, Diviah; two sons, Santhan and Daryl; her mother Prema, nieces and nephews, and friends all over the world. We know there is no death. There is only Eternal Life. And even though we may not have met Saras, we know her wonderful son and all he gives, so we know her very well and are grateful for her great blessings to the world.

Namaste, Saraswati, Namaste.

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All my love to Santhan and

All my love to Santhan and all his family in this difficult moment !
May God hold them tight in His divine loving arms and shower all His strenght and love on them each moment.


Thank you Mama, Thank you

Thank you Mama, Thank you Saraswati, you have done so well for us all, your journey on this side of life has been so wonderful, I say thank you for all you have done, thank you for the blessings your allowed pass through you.

Thank you for also bringing your wonderful son Santhan to this great life, you can see he has contributed to the love and joy that is going round the world. I'm sure you will be very fulfilled as you move to the next level of the journey.

Santhan, as the memories of your dearest mother take the center stage of your life now, I trust you will find some where and smile, and remember that she is still around in greater love to your family.

A very great loving hug to your Father, brother and all those that had great close contact with Saraswati, love, joy would find its way ahead of any other feelings.

I love you all.

with gratitude and blessing


Santhan. Although I do not

Santhan. Although I do not know you personally, I wish to send you comfort from the deep of my heart. I lost my mother after she has been hospitalised for many years few years ago, And even when someone is close to you is sick and suffering, You miss their physicality. I am happy to hear that you have another family members to share this experience with, And I wish for you all to strengthen eachother,
I wish that you cherish you best moment with the soul that accompanied you as Saraswati, And I am sure that you know within yourself that this was (And IS in a way), A relationship that can never be copied.

Take care Santhan,


Dear Santhan, I feel like

Dear Santhan, I feel like being part of a big family in this Heavenletter forum and you being an integral (behind the scenes) part of it, therefore, your mother feels also like being my mother and her transition touches me too.
May you find comfort in the memories of her and all that she has gifted you in her lifetime.

Blessings to you and all other members of your family.


Dear Santhan, there is no

Dear Santhan,
there is no other person in the world like our mother. When our mother leaves, we become our own mothers and mothers for our children. We become responsible and adults. This is the last gift our mothers give to us on earth. Blessed be all the mothers of the world.

And blessed be you and your family.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Dear Santhan I am so sorry.

Dear Santhan I am so sorry. I did not know and accidentally I learnt the situation..

I am so sorry and I do not know what to say :( But Ithink it is such a situation that every soul on the earth experiences it..When time comes there is nothing to do, just patience and prayers...

God bless you..



Santhan, May God's

May God's comfort and light fill your soul at this time as you feel so keenly the loss of your mother's companionship here on this earth. I hope you will also feel the peace that comes from the assurance that YOUR MOTHER LIVES on and that one day, when you have finished your mortal time on this earth, you will again embrace her as you continue your journey on another plane. My testimony of this truth is unwavering and I rejoice in the miracle of Life and God's plan.
You do not know me and I do not know you. But Gloria is my dear friend and it was our privilege and joy to have our paths cross many, many years ago. Though we haven't seen each other in more than a decade, the power of spirit still binds us as we continue our sojourn here. It can continue to do so after we pass on to the next phase of our lives also.
God bless you.

Bobbie Kroeber
A Spirit Sister and Friend