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The first Heavenletter published


While looking at the archiving progress, I noticed that the 1st Heavenletter was not published on this site!

This Heavenletter is the first in the series of Godwriting that was written for all people instead of being an answer to a God question. This Heavenletter marked the change where Gloria started receiving messages from God that were not personal and here God speaks rather than God answers a personal question.

You can find this Heavenletter here: God Speaks

Wow, this is great! It is as

Wow, this is great! It is as if I never read it before. Thank you for bringing it out.

Almost every Heavenletter I read is THE Heavenletter. This was no exception.

And yet God had so much to say after this one!!! And one Heavenletter at a time.

He is leaving a long trail of love and wisdom so simply, almost like breadcrumbs.