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I had a limited understanding, when I relied on my own understanding: «Lean not on your own understanding» is a good advice. However, the problem is that I was taught to limit the reality, on the limits of the thinking process, until bit by bit, I began to understand the difference between the move of the brain (thinking process) and the move of God, who silences the brainstorm and gives light and insight to the soul. The understanding comes naturally and spontaneouly.
We give nothing to God.We receive all from God. What we need is revelation and not a conditioned thought. The problem is that God chooses and calls what the human estimates and standards not influential or powerful, nor high and of noble birth.

Timoteo from Angola-Luanda

Beloved Timoteo, will you

Beloved Timoteo, will you kindly comment on a Heavenletter of your choice?

What you post is lovely and wise. We want to get to know you better and what your thoughts are about what God in a Heavenletter says!

Thank you!

Looking forward!

With love and blessings,