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Joyful and peaceful again!

I was writing Gloria this morning about how it has been a bit challenging to be my joyful and peaceful self these past couple of days due to a temporary physical condition. Now I'm back to my normal self!

This is how it came about:

Aware of the state I was in, I listened to my body and let myself do what it wanted to do most -- a good workout at the gym. During the gym routine my mind couldn't stop thinking negative thougts, even those I thought I had already resolved. Instead of resisting them I just 'looked' at those thoughts, and asked my inner self for underlying reasons for thinking those thoughts. All I did was ask, I didn't get any anwer at the gym.

When I came home, I logged on to youtube and listened to spiritual teachings. As always, I closed my eyes and randomly punched a letter on the keyboard to bring up the various topics starting with whatever alphabet my finger landed on. The first 2 audios that came up answered EVERY question that I asked at the gym with such clarity that I cannot help but bouced back to being my normal joyful self again!

I guess for many of us who have found a way to hear God won't say it's a miracle, neither is this my first such encounter, only through different means. All I want to say, and I say it to myself often, is how thankful I am for walking this journey knowing God is holding my hands every step of the way.

How wonderful would it be if we all know we are never alone.

May we find out soon! Loving

May we find out soon! Loving you, Gloria