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My job is to love...

Throughout the course of the day, sometimes I forget...but then I remember...that: "My job is to send love to the world" Gosh, what a great job...and...I can honestly say, I love my job. Why? Cause when I am sending love, I am in love! sweet. And as soon as I send love, I receive it immediately...cause that is just how it works. And whatever issue or difficulty I appear to be having, when I send love to you and you and you and whomever and the world...issue gone! Peace. Try'll be back for more! Loving you, Jimi.....and ps...sending love is not just a tool or device or comes out of genuinely desiring to be of service to God and sharing His-Her Love with the world...cause I care...I really do care about you and you and you and whomever and the world too. This is not pretend...or just another is a sincere, honest share love with you and the world...not to get...but to give period. Loving you again, Jim.

and pps: and this approach is so simple and you don't have to read a lot of books or sign up for workshops with saints or enlightend gurus or famous people. You don't even have to go on Oprah.. You can do it from the privacy of your own home...Now of course, you can do all of those things if you want...Loving you always, jimi.

Sending you love, Jim and

Sending you love, Jim and Jimi. You are one who gives so much.