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Working together on a Mission


I've just begun a website that would be comparable to your mission

although not competitive with it. I am feeling my way through getting the

name out and was wondering if you may have time to answer a couple

questions. I thank you in advance for any time you can spare.

1 . How many subscribers to you have currently?

2. What is the best way you've found to reach your audience and expose

them to your site? (Advertise on other sites, etc.)

3. Do you think there would be an interest in my site and product among

your subscribers?

4. Are you open to having a link to my site on your site if I provide the

same for you?

Again, I'm just beginning with this and I'm a rookie to the internet. I

love what you have put together and would like to provide a different

avenue to involve God in peoples lives. Again, I look forward to your

response and appreciate any suggestions you may have to help guide me with

my mission. Have a wonderful day.


Beloved Nate, Thank you for

Beloved Nate,

Thank you for your questions and for posting them here.I am most happy to give you my answers.

You have already gotten your web site together. That is quite an accomplishment. It took me about two years to work that one out.

We have about 5,000 subscribers.

We have never advertised. It has all been word of mouth, Nate. Some wonderful people also post Heavenletters in their newsletters. And some people find us through surfing the web.

How did you find us, dear one?

Our readership grew slowly. It wasn't overnight. The world did not rush to us, dear one.

Many beautiful volunteers and I have applied ourselves, yet it can only be God Who has brought us so many wonderful readers. And Who brought you. :)

I don't think there is a way to know who will be drawn to what.

I do know that every one of us would wish you every success.

Nate, it is really beautiful how you asked your questions with such simplicity and humility.

Please don't hesitate to ask your questions -- we love to give advice!

God bless you.

With love,

Gloria .

Dear Nate It is so wonderful

Dear Nate
It is so wonderful that you would also like to give a wonderful service to humanity.
God is working through so many these days.
My feeling is that if you want to serve humanity, then start by yourself and your direct environments like your community.
spread the message to everyone that you encounter in your own daily life.
God will bring you in contact with those that God wants you to reach.
just spread your love and message and God will do the rest.
We have to have faith in that which we believe in.
Organic love,

Beloved Nonvula, what a

Beloved Nonvula, what a thoughtful inspired reply!