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My Heart Tugs, Bold


It may not always or often feel as so
Due to association with the sun setting or rising in your days
The parts you play, passionately so, of highs and lows
Nevertheless, it Is True what I say

Born Perfectly, Gifted Fully
In and Of, Unconditional Love
You Are
No less

Than Holiness, wholly adept
My Daughters and Sons
You've never left
We Are One

Nor did I leave
You never are cleft
There is no "except", for I always Accept
Welcome to My World

Start with the Heart
There lies the Light
The, "in the First was the Word"
Reality, of Spiritual Worth

There is no wait to Heaven, no delays, there are no gates
Nothing's closed, so joyfully embrace
Your Self, My Ones, this Life
As I Hold You Now

Softly, with smiles and hugs
Gently, in freedom endowed
My Heart Tugs, bold
"Let" Love unfold

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

"Start with the Heart There

"Start with the Heart
There lies the Light"

Beautiful Mike!




Love Berit

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