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Natural Law


Animosity's ferocity
Is not My, pedal to the metal, Velocity
Never has been
Never will
It's not My Will
To believe in "sin"
Already One
It's not about "the win"
I'm no player hater
Love isn't a segregator
It's not passed over or for later
No one is My traitor
This animosity "philosophy"
Man"kind's" century upon century trend and "friend"
Has "led"
To every kind of confusion state
And atrocity
Yet make no mistake
My Way
Isn't either about riding the brakes
Overly cautious
For safety's sake
For there is no such thing as "not being safe"
In Spontaneity's Way
Knowing this
Is to Live the Now
Wherever you're at in your day
Road rage
Has been but the passionately acted play
Of supply and demand, and demand and demand
For You lost track of the fact that from Within, You Are Supplied
Or of give and take, and take and take
As if sharing's offering could somehow be faked or denied
Yet Here and Now
Can and Will Be
Our, another take
For what works, Works
And what doesn't, that no longer serves
Is best to be laid to rest
Life, like driving, isn't about taking continual roadtests
When once learned
When one's aware
All take on and bear the same responsibility to Drive
Which isn't just attentiveness to keeping alive
An adherence to the will to survive
It's expansiveness
Treating everyone the Same
With the appropriate space
And tender embrace
That Thrives
Because of it's Light
And not through some bribe
Again, Because it IS Life
Afforded, one naturally forwards
Shares, of the Heir
Of All
Like unto everyone's right
In breathing the air
This is Your Accord
In Spirituality's
Natural Law

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008