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Canim Gloria,

yesterday and today, we have two more subscribers to my Turkish translations. HALLELUJAHHHHHH...

I think I should give a THANKSGIVING party as well.

On the other hand I have a FANTASY: One day, a person will subscribe to the Turkish letters, then we will receive a letter from him/her, saying:

"Dear ladies, I adore the Heavenletters, they touch my heart everyday, so I want to publish the book, I AM A HONEST AND RELIABLE AND GOOD AND FINE AND OPEN-MINDED AND BIG-HEARTED AND LOVING AND CARING PUBLISHER you look for"

Then we will jump to the ceiling with joy and joy and more joy....



Most beloved and joyful

Most beloved and joyful Engin, :blushing:

stay in that wonderful fantasy, visualise ;) it each day as often as possible, feel the wonderful emotion this gives you in your heart :wub: and you will create / attract that very publisher !!!!! :p

I'd love to see that miracle dearest Engin !!! :thumbup:

Love and blessings

Canim Berit, certainly, as a

Canim Berit, certainly, as a human-being I am not always joyful but I am trying to feed this joyful side of me more, (especially nowadays) I do not watch the TV news, I read the newspaper that I like - a humanistic and caring one- TARAF, I mostly choose comedy movies and friendship of positive people etc...I have experienced that I have to take these precautions otherwise I am easy to collapse down ;) .

As to the book, when I finished my translation this book was really vital for me, because it was something more concrete etc..etc.. Yet, I should confess that sometime ago I let this book FREE. So its translation is still in my computer but it is flying with its own wings and I really do not worry. I have focused on the subscribers.

But I still say this: MAY OUR DREAMS AND FANTASIES COME TRUE :thumbup:

love you

PS: As sson as possible I will send a photo of me and my beloved cats and a little "cv :big " to the forum.