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~DEAR GOD~ in many languages

Dear Translators,

This is a call to all translators "" to help compile a list of the expression/salutation “Dear God” in as many languages as possible.

The idea was born in Gloria’s “Godwriting” tm blog, under the title “Good Old Anglo-Saxon Words”. One subject led to another and ended up with the desire to learn more of how “Dear God” is said around the world.

This is what has come up so far:

English - “Dear God”
French - “Cher Dieu”
Spanish - “Querido Dios”
German - “Lieber Gott”
Italian - “Caro Dio”
Finnish - “Rakas Jumala”
Estonian - “Kallis Jumal”
Latvian - “Dargs Dievs”

How is it expressed in your language? Is there more than one way of saying it? It will be fun to see with how many more we can come up and God knows, what it will lead to…….

Love to all,

And isn't each delightful!

And isn't each delightful! Xenia, I think there is an effect from just looking at the list.

Yes, who knows what the effect of our attention on this may be.

God bless you for taking care of it.

In Turkish Sevgili TANRIM,

In Turkish

Sevgili TANRIM, in general

I myself prefer to say : "CANIM ALLAHIM" but this is very informal and un-common ;)