mood swings

Mood Swings

God said:

Just as there is temperature in the climate of the world, there is temperature in the moods you align yourself to.

The way the same spot in the world can be boiling hot one season and freezing cold the next, so do your moods cover a vast range. The way temperature is only temperature, your moods are only moods.

In summer or winter, you go about your life. You put on boots or go barefoot by the ocean. You don't let a particular season or atmosphere deter you from diving into life. You do not use winter or summer as an excuse for anything. Or do you?

Only Allness

God said:

Mood swings are like a metronome. Back and forth go your transient moods. Do not make too much of them. They will change soon enough.

Certainly do not honor your moods. Within the range of mood, be still. Moods need not affect you. One moment you are in a fever of excitement, and the next your temperature drops. This change in mood is not a momentous event.


God said:

A great service you can give is to not take moods so seriously, not yours nor others’. Your life does not rise and fall according to mood. Moods are changing things. Moods are shades of color that come and go. When an uncomfortable mood seemingly descends on you, this is a signal that it will also leave. But you are not a chameleon where change of color serves you.

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