Only Allness

God said:

Mood swings are like a metronome. Back and forth go your transient moods. Do not make too much of them. They will change soon enough.

Certainly do not honor your moods. Within the range of mood, be still. Moods need not affect you. One moment you are in a fever of excitement, and the next your temperature drops. This change in mood is not a momentous event.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the range of your mood swings is less. The pit you fall into is not so deep, and the height of Heaven is closer to you now. Pretty soon the depths and heights will meet, and you will find that moodiness has left you and gone off somewhere.

Within you sits a lever of evenness. No longer on a seesaw, you are balanced. Fluctuation fades. Your fulcrum is wider. You are stabilized. No longer do you bobble in life.

Do not think of this steadiness as boredom. Not at all. You will find that colors are brighter, food tastes better, and every drop of life holds infinity for you.

It is not that you will know what to expect, but you will have a steady sense of expectation. You will be poised in readiness for life. Whatever occurs around you, you will be the tall mountain, and you will see above and beyond. Vast will be your perspective, and vast will be your energy.

Energy will hold you in place. You will travel further and yet stay at home. Everywhere will be your home. There is no place that will not.

You have had a dream that you are isolated, even in crowds, that you are off to the side somewhere, and now you find you are smack in the middle of love and have been all along. You thought you were an outsider, and now you find you are the center. You are not in a maelstrom but in a sweet eddy that revolves you right to Me.

Wherever you look, you will see the steadiness in My eyes. You will see Me magnified before your very eyes. Wherever you look, you will see Me. And seeing Me will always be as if for the first time. Every time new. Every time you will catch your breath in the wonder of Our Oneness. It will never become old hat to you. With each breath you take, you will encompass more of the world and its wonderment, for you will see through My eyes.

You will swing in Oneness from one treetop to another. Feet on earth, you will fly. Your heart will soar in the Oneness of Our Love, so it will be steadfast and you will know evenness.

There will be no extremes for you to go to. Centered in love, you can only be centered in love. No matter where you travel, your heart is tethered to Mine. Not tied of course, simply entwined. Call it embrace. Knowing greatness, you do not depart from it. Established in greatness, greatness is what you know.

Good and bad moods will be meaningless to you. If you happen to notice a mood, it will be like a little flying gnat that skirts around you and flies off. Certainly not an influence on you. And if your mood be rosy, it will be like a blush on your cheek that is just there. You will be immersed in life and your intimate connection with Me. Neither gnat nor rose will deter you from Our Oneness.

You will dwell in My heart forever, and you will know that you do. More and less will no longer exist. Only Allness will exist.

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