Mood Swings

God said:

Just as there is temperature in the climate of the world, there is temperature in the moods you align yourself to.

The way the same spot in the world can be boiling hot one season and freezing cold the next, so do your moods cover a vast range. The way temperature is only temperature, your moods are only moods.

In summer or winter, you go about your life. You put on boots or go barefoot by the ocean. You don't let a particular season or atmosphere deter you from diving into life. You do not use winter or summer as an excuse for anything. Or do you?

Neither day nor night need deter you. Yet your moods do sometimes deter you. I don't mean to say you must always go somewhere or everywhere despite your mood. I also don't mean that you are to always give into your either. Moods are not the moon. They are not the ascendant of you. You got into a mood, and you can get out of it.

Maybe it will be good for you to take a walk or go to the zoo or pat a friend's dog. Maybe it will be good for you to stop thinking what kind of mood you are in. A chameleon changes his colors according to his environment. A chameleon is at the mercy of his environment. He cannot alter that propensity. But you are not a chameleon. You are a Human Being who has mere mood swings.

Do not kowtow to your moods. Swing high or swing low, you are still an Eternal Being. You are not locked in to a mood.

Your soul knows not mood. Your soul would laugh at your moods or be puzzled at your observance of them.

Do not make an altar to your moods. Do not for one minute think that you are your mood. Take care as to what adjectives you apply to yourself. Depressed, dejected, out of sorts are not words to apply to a Child of God.

You may say, "But it's true that I am sad and weepy."

I say, " Why reinforce it?"

You say, "Well, I am only Human."

And I say, "You are only Divine. Describe yourself as Divine, and adjust yourself accordingly."

Are you or are you not a child of God? Believe Me that no one is an orphan of God. Therefore, no one need stay dejected or lonely. Despair and isolation are fallacious words, and you owe no allegiance to them. Remind yourself that I have given you as a gift to the world. Never mind the wrappings. You are greater than any mood or temporal event.

You are a high Being. Regardless of your mood, you are. If you must go by something, go by the Truth of you more than by an impression your mind made.

Who is it who says you are down-hearted? Not I. I say you are preeminent in the world. I say you are leader of the throng. Certainly I tell you to follow your heart, but that is not the same as to say to follow how you feel at any given moment. See beyond mortal moods. Any description of you is not meant to include a transient mood. Give not so much credence to your moods. They are only moods after all.

If you wear a mourning band on your arm, take it off.

If you shuffle as you walk, pick up your feet.

If you look at the ground, lift your eyes and look up to Heaven.

Beloveds, do not sell yourself short. Certainly do not trade yourself in for a mood.

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