Metaphors like Moonlight

God said:

Questions that you have: How to be involved in life and yet not have your heart spread out there and run over. How to care and yet not be attached. How to be close to all hearts and yet stay in your own free-wheeling God-space. How to move in the world with a light step and a full heart. How to nurture others and keep yourself intact. How to give and yet not give too much. How to receive and not consume. How to live life to the fullest and yet rest. How to live life to the fullest and yet not get swept up in it. How to cross the street without fear. How to be unselfish and yet be true to yourself. How to embrace and be embraced and unattached at the same time.

The questions are endless. Better not to think about life so much. Better to live it and rise above it while you are at it. You will learn, and you will teach by learning. You are doing all manner of things for yourself and the universe.

You make life better for others on the planet when you pick up the litter of your thoughts. You will clear the path for others. You will make a dent in this world of time. You are making an impression. You change the configuration.

You may feel that you perform a solo in life, but your aria and your dance are interpolated throughout the universe. Your step falls into place, and someone else’s step is forever changed. You will begin to know the effect you have on everyone in the universe, and the effect they have on you.

There is one breath drawn. There is one heart beat. You are more than a particle of the universe, beloved. You are the universe. Songs have sung it. You are the One Diamond, and the light falls on you from varied angles. You are the diamond of My heart. You are the rays of the one-eyed sun. You are the crest of the moon, and all the belighted stars. You are the universe entire. You are the manifest, and you are the unmanifest. You are. I AM. We are. And what are We?

You may think I am waxing poetic. Beloveds, Truth is poetic. The language of metaphors is as close to expressing the Inexpressible as you can get. Metaphors make pictures. They make your mind leap. They help you to make connections that logic cannot make. Use metaphors. Even in the midst of dire need, metaphors will come to your aid. Metaphors balance you. The new connections they make mean new pictures, therefore, new vision, brighter vision. Brighter vision, brighter life.

Consider metaphors like moonlight over the shoreline. Consider them mist that rises from the lagoon of your soul. Make metaphors out of mountains. Make metaphors mainstream. Un-mundane your world. Light it up. Scratch a match across the moon, and see what light goes into your heart. Gather the stars. Reap them. Pour them over you. You and the stars are One. No one is not.

Dip the stars into the ocean, and pull up a whale or a dolphin or a salty wet star! What is there that you cannot do once you have imagined it? Sparkle your imagination. Pull out stars from your pocket. Open up your briefcase to the Heavens. See what flies in and what flies out. Butterflies made of stars perhaps?

What music comes from your throat? What words escape their bounds? Metaphors may capture your heart. They will always let free what had been detained. Think metaphor today. You yourself are one.

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This is now my most favorite

This is now my most favorite Heavenletter.

For more about why, please go to and look for the entry called Two Sides of the Coin.

This Heavenletter, now that

This Heavenletter, now that I am absorbing it, is going to make a big difference to me. I know that this most likely won't be the case for everyone, but I sure needed this one.Thanks, Jochen, for pointing it out.