The Traffic of the Universe

God said:

Whatever imbroglios you are involved in in the world, when you look more deeply, they aren’t so big. Bigness depends upon what you compare what to. Make your appreciation big, and problems small.

You are the child whose toy truck has broken, and you cry.

Even your greatest woes, even the greatest tragedies in the world, are not as definitive as you think. All the tragedies pass. All the wonders continue. Heartache is significant to you, I well understand. I do not dismiss your heartache. And yet the relative is relative, beloveds. If you could see from the distance I see, you would have tumultuous joy ardently. You would stand so smartly in the bright light that you couldn’t even conceive of darkness. When the sun shines always everywhere, where can darkness hide itself?

A passing event in time is huge to you, I know. But next to rolling infinity, what is it? In one sweep, the manifest world passes its torch on, and all the troubles you gave your allegiance to disbanded their armies and are no longer. The world is always passing, beloveds, and another world arises. The tragedy is that you see only so far.

Please understand that human woe is human woe. You do not compare a sore toe to the aftermath of a tornado, and yet, they both pass and are no more. They are relegated to the illusive past as if they never were. That’s just it. They never were. They happened. You saw them happen. And yet nothing happened. When all is said and done, hurricane or fire, makes no difference. Life in the world is a fleeting moment. Fleeting moments do not stay. All of the relative you experience moves along. Down the chute. Gone. Except for your thoughts about it.

It is amazing the effect a movie can have on you. All this apparent world is a movie, and you weep during it and you weep after it. Seen from one point of view, movies on or off screen make you cry.

Behind the screen, far greater takes place. Behind the screen, there are no villains. There is no leaving. There is immersion in light. You are the light. Thoughts flicker across the screen, and you believe in the flickers.

The villain in the relative world is attachment. Attachment attaches a label called tragic. You honor the label.

You can love without attachment. You can save another life or thousands of lives without attachment. Without attachment doesn’t mean you do nothing. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. It means you are not attached and, therefore, you are not tied to a certain outcome. What tragedy exists when you do not direct the traffic of the universe?

Why, beloveds, you weep now for what has not even happened. You weep ahead of time, you weep during, and you weep after. Sometimes you do not even look at the screen, beloveds. Often you are looking at what might appear on the screen. Look at other possibilities now. You can conceive golden possibilities as well as dooming ones, and you do not have to hold either tight in your fist. Open your hand. Your hand is connected to your heart. Open your heart. Unconvince yourself that life must be arranged just so.

Without attachment, you would be the stone that gathers no moss. You would be free fall. You would proscribe nothing. You would welcome life and even welcome your tears as passing phenomena. What else is this parade before you but a parade? Beautifully costumed, marching in perfect rhythm, marching to beat the band, and then the band goes around the corner. You can’t see it any more, but still it is marching, marching. You don’t have to see it to know it’s there.