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Message from Claudia

Hello Beautiful Beings of Light,

I post a message of Love that came to me and here we share it...
God blesses you, with Love,

Hello Heaven!
I knew about you through the Angeles Love´s blog. Someone posted a Heavenletters article, I liked it so much that I gave click on the link and I
Found a wonderful world. I am delighted to have
found you and I infinitely thank you for all the teachings that you give us.
I usually am always in direct contact with God, because since
long time ago I know that He is in me, within me, so He is always with
Me. I know that I am not alone, but I am one with God, therefore
Everything I need is in me.
Life is made of magical things ..... And we must seize!
A big Embrace!

Oh, so very beautiful, dear

Oh, so very beautiful, dear Claudia. And thank you for posting, Elisabeth.

Where is Claudia from?

Are you like me just amazed at the love and wisdom that people share on this forum?

Thanks to Elisabeth and

Thanks to Elisabeth and thanks to Claudia for this sweet and wonderful greeting !!

Much love and joy and a big embrace to you both !