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When I visited this web site, I noticed that translators were needed. I offered my services and received such a warm welcome that I thought Heaven had come down into my e-mail box. Well, I am here to help with the translation from English into German and to love you all and to be loved for this is what life is all about.
I had found this web site one day somehow and left it again because I don't read much these days, as I am willing to be quite and listen to God.
But when a friend from THE WAY OF MASTERY send me the link, I looked again and knew that this is Home/Heaven.
Greetings to all of you and am looking forward to meet you! :-)
Love, trueimage (this is the meaning of my name "Veronika".

Gruess Gott, Veronika, Glad

Gruess Gott, Veronika,

Glad to see you here at 'Heavenletter Forums' and a big WELCOME to you! You seem to me, that you have a lot to share and this is a perfect place to meet, with a good deal of love going around. You certainly will feel at home here!

Thank you for offering to translate the 'Heavenletters' into German, a gift to all German speaking people!
Much love to you,

Thank you, Xenia for your

Thank you, Xenia for your warm and encouraging welcome.
Love, Veronika :)

Dearest Veronika, I'm so

Dearest Veronika,
I'm so glad you are now part of this Heavenfamily. I felt and feel exactly like you described so well dear, welcome in Heaven and thanks with all my heart for you help !

Love and blessings to you

Dear Veronika, what a

Dear Veronika,
what a wonderful website you have! I just couldn't stop browsing it, it's so full of profound insight and the mandalas are just pure light. I've been having this great inner desire to express beauty in some way, but I didn't know how. I think your website is a great inspiration in this.

With love and gratitude,

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Dear Paula, Why not try to

Dear Paula,
Why not try to draw mandalas yourself? Just draw a circle and maybe another one within that circle and voila you get started. Have fun! :-)
Love, Veronika

Hello all translators In

Hello all translators In Heaven!

I just wanted to share with you my experience translating the Heavenletters. A few months ago I found this website and immediately offered my translation services. Back then I thought I was donating my services... actually I didn't know how much joy I'd get from doing this. Having translated 3 Heavenletters (into Portuguese) so far I can say that the experience in translating these messages has been amazing. I've noticed that every time I translate I experience some sort of healing, meaning something changes in me. As I shared with Gloria, I think it connects me to the Light within me, and I experience peace, certainty and a feeling of being happy for no reason, a true connection with God! I can say I experience Heaven every time I translate the Heavenletters! Actually I'm gaining much more than I'm giving and I'm deeply grateful for this opportunity.
Thank you & blessings to all, Ana

Dear Ana, There has been

Dear Ana,

There has been quite a few Portuguese language subscribers who joined after you offered to translate Heavenletters. Perhaps the healing you are experiencing is having a global effect!

Thank you for sharing this with us and I look forward to seeing you post more often on the forums.

Oceans of Love
p.s Have you visited Gloria's blog? Some fun reading there as well.

Dear Santhan, I'm very

Dear Santhan,

I'm very happy for that, amen to what you said! I'm sure there's some great energy being stirred globally and we are all doing our part!

I have visited Gloria's blog some time ago, but will check it again.

Blessings to you!

Oh, I love these words from

Oh, I love these words from you, Ana. They are giving me such a rush of pure joy. Welcome, wonderful friend!