May Your Mind Give Peace

God said:

Imagine the deepest rest you have ever felt. It was so deep and so easy. It was effortless. There was no straining. This is peace. Peace reigned for a while, and nothing was on your mind. Your mind was not supervising for once. Your mind was on vacation for a while and leaving you alone. Your mind was not haunting you. It was not repeating itself. It was giving you a break. It was letting you alone.

Your rapacious mind is supposed to get off your back. Your mind isn’t meant to toggle you back and forth. Your mind isn’t meant to jump up and down and give you warnings or even memories that take you down a shady lane.

Your mind took over your life and filled you with worries and things like that. Your mind simply made you think too much. It made you forage for more thoughts to top the ones you already had. Your mind raced hither and yon and forgot it wasn’t the big cheese. Your mind, well-meaning, of course, forgot that it was not meant to be the master of you and your heart. It forgot it was meant to serve you and leave your heart in peace. Your mind simply got so caught up in a thinking spree that it forgot its main mission. It simply forgot. It got caught up and forgot to look at the whole picture. The mind diverted itself from its course, the same way that you, when packing for a trip in haste, in your eagerness to get ready, you forgot to pack something important.

And so your mind races. It remembers all the non-essentials and forgets its main mission which is to save you worry and expense. Your mind is eager to serve you, yet it has mixed up the word serve with the word save.

Let Us express to the mind that its role is not to overtake you and wrest you away from the path of peace. As a server, your mind is more patient, quieter, gentler. The mind is not meant to yatata yatata so much. The mind is not meant to wear you out.

How do We calm the mind then? The mind is so powerful. How do We get it to rest and perhaps take frequent rests? As in all life, love your mind and ask it to play its music softly in the background. Pat your mind on its back and ask it to refrain from setting off alarms. Tell it that you will listen carefully to everything it says, and that it does not have to try so much to get your attention. Ask it to be calm, that you are responding to it and that you are responsible for your life and that you will take good care of yourself and your mind. Ask it to take a back seat for a while and give you peace. Ultimately, in peace, the mind will think better and will come to know itself that rest is good, and that when it warns you less, it will scare you less, and you will be able to listen to it better.

Tell your ruffled mind that it needs to slow down and make a truce with life. It is to sit with its feet up some times. It is to relax sometimes, to imagine itself lying on a beach, just taking in the sun, listening to the surf, to imagine itself people-watching and not saying a word, just lying there as life does its thing. The mind will notice the good effect its peace-giving gives you. From then on your mind will prompt you but not too much, not too little, but just right.

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Very useful.

I used to think I liked the deep things the most, but I'm finding it's the useful things that nourish. The deep things will follow of their own accord when mind has stepped down from the despot's throne. Nothing else is necessary.

And just for the fun of speculation: The despotism of mind, at least in some cases, may have to grow out of proportion for the longing for peace and freedom to become big enough to break all bounds.

Perfect Picture

Thank you Jochen for your comforting words. Just knowing that everything works its magic in time and its space. I appreciate your enlightening message.

light and peace, dear Messenger of God.

Part two of this story of

Part two of this story of asking mind to put up its feet is trust. Trust that life will be all right without control, without worries, without much mental activity at all. Like this:

It is well possible that weeds of your life will stop growing when you do not tend to them.

So sweet .... said...

And just for the fun of speculation: The despotism of mind, at least in some cases, may have to grow out of proportion for the longing for peace and freedom to become big enough to break all bounds.

Yes...So beautifully put! This appeared to be very much the case for me. Thankfully, the mind that appears to occupy me is less and less rooted in tyranny and control....and with this...the light and love in the heart appears to grow.

I am so, so happy just to be...with only tiny impulses to figure out or contain or plan or push. happy just to be so much, so vast and yet to be still...and small as well. And I appear to know so, so little about this and about that.

Thank you Jochen. Love, Jim and Jimi.


My Most Wonderful God of Love, Light and Peace ABOUNDING

Reading Your HeavenLetter this a.m. is very reassuring! I shall stop today often and say to my insisting mind that it's time now
for it to take a much needed rest. I shall advise this worrisome mind to put its feet up and just take a long nap, and I shall say to it,
"I applaud your resting now. Leave me in Peace today, I don't need all your jumping up and down so much, Please!! Oh,
BELOVED GOD, I shall also say, "Your just setting off alarms too much, dear mind."

I am convinced this will bring me the Peace I desire!!! Thank you, GOD! What a great thing to say - for the mind WOULD love
to rest, surely. There HAS definitely been too much "ya ta ta, ya ta ta," I WANT TO REST IN GOD, and so now the mind will
enjoy a nice long vacation, too.

My loving thanks to YOU, GOD. Blessed is this loving counsel.

Hi Mary Moon...

Hello Mary Moon. Yes....the ya ta ya ta da ta ya ta. And the ya ta ya ta da ta ya ta appears to continue to disturb or distract or confound or even titillate our soul...until,, until...there is no or even little inclination to do anything, absolutely anything about the ya ta ya ta da ta ya ta. Hmmm. I am sitting in a little cafe in Sedona, Az amidst the background noise of the clanging and the chatter...and yet...the stillness is sublime. Much love, Jim and Jimi.

Let Us express

Suddenly the ground under my feet starts looking and feeling like home stretch, and the knees feel like bending, though not for prayer but for breathless adoration of the utter simplicity expressed in this Heavenletter. Yes, Let Us express to the mind that its role is not to overtake [me] and wrest [me] away from the path of peace.

Misery is incremental and cumulative. From some minor or disastrous primal defeat, conclusions are innocently drawn, not knowing that such conclusions, by their very genesis and nature, are necessarily wrong. To defend their validity, more wrong conclusions and concepts have to be marshaled until the web of falseness becomes impossible to see through and even more impossible to unravel.

By that time, mind, you had thoroughly trained me to fall for red herrings. You send me searching for enlightenment, transcendece, shrouding the simple and pathetic truth of your yatata yatata in ever denser intellectual and mystical mist that seemed to necessitate ever more sophisticated spiritual approaches. Today, a full stop is put to this.

The only problem that ever existed and will ever exist is your ill-advised reasoning, dear mind. Nothing big or even cosmic about it. Just minor errors blown out of proportion and into blind stubbornness over time. No big repairs necessary, no repairs at all. We are given the complete path and instructions today, please listen. sweet...

Thank you Jochen....for the clarity...that points to the Allness that we are. Love and blessings. Jim and Jimi.