Bless You, World 

God said:

Imagine that you stand at a mountain peak, and you seemingly see a vista of the whole world. Look down on the world with love. Imagine that you are I, God, and bless the world. Open your arms wide and say: “Bless you, world. I bless all the hills and dales and flowers and people and all growing things. I bless the people in every country of the world. I bless the rivers and lakes. I bless everyone and everything everywhere. I leave out no continent. I leave out no galaxy. I include all.”

Blessings are meant to be all-inclusive. There are to be no blessings for one and not another. All are to be blessed. All are to be blessed by all.

May all the children on Earth be healthy, wealthy, and wise. May all the children on Earth be blessed by you. If the world is your family, make it so. Make it so no one is left out. Care for all with your heart. You do not go around to fix everything. You simply care for all in your heart. Your heart has room for all. Your heart has no room for stinginess.

If you pray, pray beyond your territory. Pray beyond your horizon. It costs no more to pray for all.

Of course, I do not pray. You might say I issue My prayers through you, yet I do not pray. What would I pray for? If My desires are prayers, then my prayers are fulfilled. I desire all good, and that is what there is, and that is what there will be. My desires are answered before I formulate them. Whatever My desire, expressed or not, it comes to pass. I have only one way of looking at things. Actually, I don’t look. I know.

I know the Truth whereof I speak. I do not speak to Myself. I do not say My thoughts aloud to keep them in mind. All my thoughts are beyond thought. They are love. There are no words to describe love, Mine or yours. Love is beyond words. Love is even beyond understanding. I have no need to understand love for I am imbued with love. Love is all I know, and I know it very well. I came from love. I am love that arose from the Nothingness. Love is the power and the glory. Love is all-powerful, glory-full, full of itself without thought about it.

Love is a transformer. Love can perform magic tricks. Love can turn the appearance of non-love into love itself. Love is a transformer. Love transforms everything into itself. This is what love does. Love is a great multiplier.

To all things, love is the answer.

Yet what I mean by love may not be what you mean. I am speaking of a state of consciousness where all you can do is love in the sense of more abstract overall love. I do not mean going around and doing errands of love. By all means, do errands of love yet do them with a full heart. Do not do them to show yourself that, after all, you are a good person.

It is guaranteed that, at the base of all, you are a good person. Perhaps for a while, you play the part of someone who has run away from his or her goodness. Reclaim your goodness now. Being for good means being for growth. Another way to say that is being for good means being for expansion.

Even when you cannot expand your own heart, you can expand another’s.

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Love to everyone! Blessings

Love to everyone!
Blessings blessings all over the world.

i wish you, understan me,

dear God heavenley father,
dear god life is sweet and joy,
and you know i have so much problem, i feel
struggle, even i have you i try my self to calm me,
i pray and i pray to my dother she have goodt furtune hers life
and happy,, but nothing respon hers life,,
am pray to all my fameley goodt healty and goodt portune,
but most of my heart and mind am pray to you to my dother life
she have to com home to me, because she have no securety that place
wher she live, of cours i trust you, dear God, but my nervose take over me,
i wish you understan me how i feel to my dother, dear God,

Beloved Carmen

I know how a mother feels. Picture what you want for your daughter and feel the happiness she and you will both have.

God bless you.

Love, Gloria

Beautiful Loving Universe, You bless us.

The universe has given unto us a beautiful gift... the love of All souls, Of God, of the mountains, of the stars, of the moon. This is a blessing of the greatest degree. All we can do is merge with these blessings and continue to bless in hope of the expansion of our hearts and the universe. Dear Lord, a lovely message. There is an overwhelming love in my heart at present. Sometimes, i find myself questioning if i am on the right track following this path of Love Searching, Unconditional Love searching... but then Father, when I read A letter like Yours beautiful, You make it known that there is no need to search, for it has Always been here within us, around us. Your Love, Your blessings. The least we can do for You, for Our brothers and Sisters on Earth is to bless, wish each other well. Please father, a special prayer spoken from the heart, please give us the strength to always wish the best for all of Your creation.

Thank you in abundance,
light and love



What an exquisite Letter!! But, of course, YOU cannot write anything less than. YOU do help me to understand that prayer

for ALL is the true and only way to GO, to BE. For YOU are Magnificent and therefore so are we, your children, wherever we are,

You have created beings with two legs and four legs and some, such as the fish in the great seas of Life, have none. But still they

are magnificent beings. One could say a cockroach is not magnificent. But one has to ultimately come to the conclusion

that they are, too. in their own unique way They too, are enduring and tenacious and have lived for century after century and they don't

make war upon their neighbors. Can we learn something from then? Probably so. Surely, however, they are despised.

YOU are telling us in this splendid Letter that there is truly a sacred geometry that exists within the soul. And YOU are reminding

us to give our intuition a high and sacred place of honor within us. That's what true prayer is - to help us find what YOU created

us to truly BE. YOU are telling us in this exquisite Letter to find our own Divine Courage within us, and to always take the

softer side of things in life rather than the harsher. As we discover our true God-Given compassion, humanity will learn how

to heal this beautiful world that YOU DREAMED into Being. This planet was once a great fire - a fiery Desire to BE.

And then it cooled and great beings began to walk upon it. That is US. Humanity is God-Like and God's Will is always being

done. What a glorious thought that is. For we don't have free will truly - only the Will to be Gods, that's the only freedom there is!!

Heavens Letter

This is a very good Letter

Thank you, dear M L Wilis.

Thank you, dear M L Wilis.


Thank you so very much for this letter.

Thank YOU, dear Sandra.

Thank YOU, dear Sandra.