Make a Splash

God said:

Although life is not for you to think about overmuch, there is a story for you in every event. There is something for you to glean.

If everything in life that occurs is a metaphor handed to you, you have great opportunity to take the metaphor and see what it is telling you. Even if life were accidental, there are messages planted in it for you to pick up. You do not have to fret that you have taken the right message. Find some meaning in the metaphor, then drop it and move on.

When the message is a reproach, you have heard incorrectly. When the message brings you back to yourself, you have heard correctly. Reproaches come from the world. Despite what you may have heard, I do not reproach. I love.

Let the lesson be to move on in life and leave the lesson behind. It may be said that you are a student of life, but that does not mean you spend your life studying it. Spend life living it.

Each day you step into is like a shower you take and then get out of, dry yourself off, get yourself dressed, and then, ready for it, you go out into the world. Each day you are cleansed of the days past. Let them go. Even in the desert without water, you are baptized every day. If sins exist, you have been cleansed of them. A wiser heart within you ventures forth today. A wiser heart is more gentle with all hearts, including its own.

You have permission to be more supportive of yourself. You can do with some cheering, so cheer yourself for entering the race. You are here, and you have entered life. You re-enter every day, and that takes courage. You never know what you are going to find. There will always be something. Even boredom is something, perhaps jungle vines that you must hack.

Boredom comes from sitting still. And you are meant to move along. In order to move along, you have to leave yesterday and yesteryear behind. Such a simple thing, yet so seemingly difficult to do because you have the idea you are to keep things, even ideas, even pain, even regret, even disappointment, even people who were in your life and who are no longer there. Still you keep as much as you can as old photographs you press to your heart. Even those you feel have assailed you, you keep their picture. Recurringly, you open the locket of your mind that you keep everything in.

Perhaps you keep winding the same gramophone. You scratch the same record over and over again when you could simply throw it out. You could have thrown it out long ago. You could have thrown out all the worn-out refrains you kept for no reason but that you thought, in order for you to be a good person, you had to hold on to them. Perhaps you thought suffering of one kind or another had real value, and so you a repentant sufferer would be.

Sometimes you are like someone who wears winter clothes in summer.

Sometimes you are two or more steps behind yourself.

Perhaps you camouflage yourself with the past so that you can be an embryo of the present, still waiting to begin your God-given life, or hoping perhaps that you will somehow be overlooked and get away without being counted present. The past has been a handy place to hide in. If you have hidden from yourself in the past, now is the moment when you become spirited and step boldly into life and make it wonderful.

The way you make a splash in life is by jumping in.

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A wiser heart within you ventures forth today.

Reproaches come from the world. Despite what you may have heard, I do not reproach. I love.

I sure needed to hear this today. Thank you, GOD. Thank you, Gloria.

Love to All,

Thank YOU, dear Angela. And

Thank YOU, dear Angela. And aren't we longing to hear: I love you.

Love ya, Gloria

And I love you.

So very much.