Make a Difference to Yourself

God said:

Dear Hearts, you long to be free of obstacles. You must know by now that obstacles are a thought in your mind. Sometimes you feel that nothing seems to work right for you. You try to find a paper, and you cannot find it. It is true that you cannot find the paper, yet it is you who decides that looking for the paper must be considered an obstacle. You demand the paper to appear, and when it doesn’t, it has defied you. And so you feel frustrated, all because you decided the loss of the paper is an obstacle. Of course, it is an obstacle to your preconceived idea. What if, instead of an obstacle, you see that the missing paper is pointing you in a direction?

When Edison perfected electricity, he did not consider his innumerable trials and errors catastrophes. He knew all the errors were stepping stones. Why don’t you know that? Is there some reason why the things that don’t work the way you want them to have to be considered catastrophic? You don’t have to blow them out of proportion. Change your perspective.

Beloveds, what is human life but trial and error? Have you been waiting for everything to work perfectly for you?

You also don’t need to feel that you are up against a stone wall. You demand a lot, from yourself, from others, and from life. You may have set standards that demand too much of you. If your life has to be perfect in your eyes, you will indeed experience frustration. You say you don’t like to feel frustrated, so why do you experience it so much and so often? Haven’t you had enough? Is it possible that you can be done with frustration and just go along, whistling as you work?

Too often you set yourself up, beloveds. You become your own patsy. Is it not so that you run up against the same obstacles time and time again? You bang your head against the same brick wall. How many times are you going to allow yourself to be unhanded by the contingencies of life? Beloveds, because something irritating exists, doesn’t mean you have to be irritated, or aggravated or fit to be tied. It is you who ties yourself. You choose to see one way rather than another.

Sometimes you are like the spoiled child who wants everything his own way. Inside, you stamp your foot and cry tears of frustration. That is nothing to be proud of, beloveds.

Be easier to please. Make a difference to yourself in your own life. Do not impose upon yourself. Let life go its way, and you go yours. Keep trying, but do not try so hard. Build it into your precepts that you may not find a paper you are looking for. Build it in that the computer may not cooperate, that someone may not deliver, or deliver late. You are not condoning inefficiency. You are not expecting it. At the same time, you don’t need to be stunned by it.

It is like with the weather. The clouds take over one day. It rains. You do not shake your fist at the rain. You do not feel so virtuous that you accuse the rain of foul play. Accuse nothing, beloveds. Get on with your life good-naturedly. Be an asset to yourself.

Do you see how all the blocks are within yourself? You block yourself when you take inconvenience so seriously. The details of life are not always perfect. Who said they have to be? Why, I think you may have thought so. And now you will take down the ramparts you have hoisted. Remove the barriers within yourself, beloveds, and, so, you will be free of them.

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God this is wonderful, yes,

God this is wonderful, yes, you know this is what is happening now, you understand what I feel at every moment, yet, I wonder how and why I keep on doing the same thing I know will not help me.

Thank you for your love and this reminder, you know how it is sometime with me, that human part of me somehow finds away to draw things back, but your love, our love, will always guide.

thank you again.

You are every one of us,

You are every one of us, beloved Ekene.

" know how it is sometime with me, that human part of me somehow finds away to draw things back, but your love, our love, will always guide."

Thank you for the re-minder!

Thank you for the re-minder! A very important re-minder at that. It all comes down to thoughts in our minds and how we perceive things, doesn't it?


1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends

God said keep trying
Be an asset to yourself
Change your perspective

Love, Light and Aloha!

Thanks for this reminder, it

Thanks for this reminder, it is indeed a very good reminder and a perfect timing.

You must know by now that obstacles are a thought in your mind.

Love and big hugs to all !

I understood that many of

I understood that many of the problems we have, in maybe 80% are in our

mind, but the problems is that is so difficult for us working it, because see gray all the ting.

nevertheless all the time we need believe in GOD. Because when He

makes you go through something, it will make you get out of there.
Moments happy : Praise to God
Moments difficult: : seek to God
Tranquil Moments: God loves
Moments painful: Believe in Go

Sometime is not easy, because our soul is very sad. and have not any people around us for emocional support..
When feel like that sing a song.

Carla Ruz

What a great idea! Sing a

What a great idea! Sing a song. That's beautiful.

Yes, sometimes our soul is very said, and we don't have people around us for emotional support.

But here we do, beloved Carla.

Dearest Carla, I send you

Dearest Carla,

I send you all my love and big big hugs and I blow you kiss !

Love and blessings

Dear Ones, I go to meet the

Dear Ones,

I go to meet the biopsy surgeon tomorrow. I guess it will be scheduled at that time, after I prepay for tomorrow and half the surgery. Good thing my Christmas check came from my parents on Monday (but it hasn't cleared yet).

My pain level is greatly improved this week. I have been managing without the wheelchair. I can honestly use the word managing now. Before, whenever I walked, I was really biting the bullet. I have been able to sleep for several nights out of the week. I saw the first evidence of healing in the center of one lesion when my dressings were changed at Wound Care on Tuesday. I took the Neutontin for the first time before bed last night because I had a bad attack. Maybe I will try continuing with it at bedtime for awhile if I don't notice any unpleasant side effects.

Since August, I have forgotten what it is like to be clear of severe pain. What a difference being free of that kind of pain makes in my outlook and my degree of conscious faith!! What blessedly perfect timing for this relief. I appreciate having my wits about me and feeling spiritually connected as I field the deluge of medical appointments being generated by the oncologists.

The attached Heavenletter was so perfect for me at this time in my life!!!!! Maybe it will also be good for you in the midst of your own challenges. The concept in this Heavenletter is one of the most challenging spiritual practices for me, and by FAR one of the most rewarding. Please help remind me of this whenever you hear me complain about medical care and any other major inconveniences and frustrations that I am currently wading through (like disability).

Years ago, there was a Heavenletter, similar to this one, in which God used the metaphor of going through life as though you were a passenger on a train and your personal life experiences were outside the window. [remember that I read this one years ago and I don't know how accurately I am relaying it's message to you. God help me.] You watch those life experiences quickly going by outside the window. Everything just constantly and swiftly goes by as you are passing through on the train. You are not bogged down by imagining that you must tamper with the big picture. The big picture is outside your sphere of influence, and it is impossible for you to get outside of the flow of your life's journey. You just sit on the train of life and get carried through everything. You are not the engine, you are not the engineer, you are not the train. [That's all I remember. I don't know what God said about what you are doing in the train once you get as witness to what has already been.]

Hopefully you are being good company to the other passengers. Maybe, based on the scenery you are witnessing outside the window, you get inspired to get off of that train and get on one with a different distination. Maybe you strike up a conversation with other passengers, learning about some of the trips they have taken, and brainstorming about new ones for your future. Maybe you get to choose what train you are on and can change at will, once you get the hang of allowing nonattachment to what is passing by beyond the window. Maybe what the passengers focus on inside the train effects what they notice going past beyond the windows. Now here is an image that I can wrap this up with!!! Maybe the consciousness of the passengers creates a wake that the train makes as it goes through the landscape - as a boat in water would.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Thank you godde that I have had two days in a row without appointments, and that I am free from pain this morning. It is so good to experience this bit freedom to relax on the train of my life and enjoy my consciousness taking a pleasurable journey. How delightful compared to spending days (becoming weeks) expending my energy allowing people to focus on horrible things that might be wrong with my body.

Please continue to hold me in your prayers. I can feel that it is helping me to hold my consciousness in faith and grace. I will bask in the image that I am a passenger with you and that our prayers are creating a glorious wake. Do you know the song, "There's Another Train"?

Blessings on our Oneness,


Note: forwarded message attached.

Our hearts sure accompany

Our hearts sure accompany yours, dear Tina, on this train ride. What a beautiful testament you are to God. This post of yours will uplift and inspire many. You have made me believe in courage and the goodness of heart that transcends obstacles. You are such an example of everything good we have ever read.

Your post alone has made this forum worth gold.

Please keep inspiring us.

God bless you.

With love,


Dearest Tina, I thank you

Dearest Tina,
I thank you with all my heart for sharing so transperantly and openly your heart and life with all of us. I hope to be able to be a good passenger to those I encounter and those who are in my life, and I hope to be a good passenger to you. I did look up the song you mention:


Words and music - Pete Morton

The beginning is now and will always be
You say you lost your chance, then fate brought you defeat
but that means nothing, you look so sad
You've been listening to those who say you missed your chance
There's another train, there always is
Maybe the next one is yours
Get up and climb aboard another train
You feel you're done there's no such thing
although you're standing on your own your own breath is king
The beginning is now don't turn around
Regrets of bad mistakes will only drain you
There's another train, there always is
Maybe the next one is yours
Get up and climb aboard another train
We crawl in the dark sometimes and think too much
Then we fill our heads with crazy things that only break our hearts
and I know you've seen what the earth can do
When it's dragging down another load of worrisome fools
There's another train, there always is
Maybe the next one is yours
Get up and climb aboard another train
I know it's hard when you feel confused
You can crown yourself with fear now you feel you cannot move
You're building worlds that don't exist
Imagination plays the worst tricks
There's another train, there always is
Maybe the next one is yours
Get up and climb aboard another train
There always is
Maybe the next one is yours
Get up and climb aboard another train

It is a wonderful message and reminder for all of us dear Tina. You are in my prayers and I send you all my love, light and joy.
A big big hug to you.