Love Is the Only Supreme

God said:

Will you, once and for all, toss out all your worries, all your guilt for things done or not done, all your concerns about tomorrow, all your aches and pains, all your moanings and groanings, and join with Me in the adventure called life? Leave off the past. Depart from it. Jump over it like a rope.

Don't contemplate life so much. Don't weigh all the possibilities as you have been doing. And no longer conjure up the past. There is no need to carry such a heavy load as you have been. Oh, My, you drag so much along with you. Cut loose from the past that holds you back. What else can the past do but hold you back? Turn away and leave it.

Contemplate joy instead. Conjure up right now what it feels like to be in joy. Have the sense of joy first. Then perhaps joyous events will ensue. Be in the space of joy, and what but joy can come to fill the space? And from you joy is radiated to the world. From you, joy to the world. Keep humming that tune.

Self-love is not self-regulation. Love expands, not regulates. Love does not lay down laws. There is no governing when it comes to love. There is embracing. Love is all-embracing. You and the world are growing things, and growing things have their own speedometers to follow. Of all the mighty laws that governments lay down, none are mightier than love. Many laws are made without love and are therefore external to the heart of man. Sometimes men and governments forget what life is about. They get caught into legislation and forget the purpose of life. The purpose of life is not more rules.

Rules that you impose upon yourself are also external to you. They are foreign objects your mind has swallowed. There are no rules to freedom. There are no rules to love. Freedom regulated is less than freedom. Love in your heart that follows dimensions set by anything but your heart is love made smaller.

Let love come to the forefront. You cannot ordain others' hearts, but you can tell your own heart: "Yes, it is all right to love. It is all right to govern with love. It is all right to let love enter the courtroom of my life. It is all right for you, my heart, to be the love that you are."

Tell your heart that you will no longer govern it, detour it, ignore it, belittle it, or damage it ever again. Tell your heart that you acknowledge its supremacy in life, and that, from now on, the rule you follow, with or without all the others, is the rule of love.

All the separation in the world comes from departure from love. Other gods are put in its place. Note all the matters that become more important than love in the minds of men. The high and the low denominate themselves commonly when they follow less than love. Love is often forgotten or ill-considered or even considered not worth considering. The intellect has been superimposed upon life.

The intellect is consumed with the idea of profit. The intellect asks: "What is the gain in this? What is the loss of that?"

All the while, love is not commodious and does not lend itself to profit and gain. There are no ledgered columns that can be made of love.

But you can gainsay love. You must. When you consider love in any equation, you are looking at the bigger picture. You are expanding your vision. Goodness knows, your vision needs expanding. You are the one to expand it. No one else can, for you are the pace-setter of the world.