From Whence Help Comes

God said:

All help comes from Me. I am the Source of Help. No matter by what route, no matter through whose hands, all the love and wisdom and goodness that you receive come from Me. I am the Giver. And you receive. Many hands and hearts pass Me along to you, yet all love originates with Me, from Me, and, actually, back to Me. That is the long and the short of it.

Now that I have said that all the good that comes to you is from Me, you may ask if I take responsibility for the not so good that seems to come your way or whether I shirk responsibility for that. Certainly, I Who am the core of you, am responsible for free will. But free will puts responsibility on you. You are My responsibility. What you do is yours. I am telling you how it is.

Many hands and hearts spread My love. That is their choice. It is also their responsibility. They move their hands with love. That is My Will, yet it is their choice.

I have given you all the sweetness in the world, and it is yours to do with as you will. I have given you all the ingredients, and you are the candy-maker. You can make candy hard or soft. Hot or cold. You can make candy just as sweet as the original, or you can withhold and make it less sweet. You can alter it. You can disguise it. You can add a bitter taste to it. You can make sweet sour. You can bury it. You can store it somewhere. But you cannot evade sweetness forever.

You may feel that I have set you up. I give you sweetness and yet I seem to have made all the other tastes readily available to you. And then I have the nerve to tell you that only sweetness is true and that all the other tastes are illusion. You say that I may not have actually put the other tastes into your hands or mouths, but I laid them out where you could reach them, and that I am, therefore, responsible. Okay, let's say I take the responsibility. What then? Where does that leave you? Will you pout, or will you move forward in life?

Perhaps what temptation amounts to: instead of reaching for the sweet, you reach for the not-so-sweet. You take it as a sugar-substitute or some kind of erroneous compensation. In any case, you delude yourself that it's just as good, or better, or more thrilling, or more evident.

Yet I will tell you that there is nothing more thrilling or sweeter than love. There is nothing to compare it to. Whether you are the giver or receiver of My love at any particular moment, nothing equals it. Nothing comes close. Only love equals itself.

So why, I ask, would anyone give anything else? Why, I ask, would anyone accept anything else? Of all the treasures in the universe, what can possibly compare to the love of God and, therefore, to the love of man? Love is the original. Love is it. Love is all.

When love is malformed, it is called hate or anger and other things. When love is twisted, it is called many things as well. When love is cut, denied, abdicated, smashed, shackled, forgotten, there are also other names for it.

Come, fight no longer. Surrender to love.