Honesty, Freedom, and Love

God said:

Has not love been replaced with what is called justice? Punishment is considered just. Suffering is considered just. Denial is considered just. Imprisonment is considered just. Hell is considered just. Tit for tat is considered just. Anything but love, it seems, is considered just.

Justice is based on judgment. Woe to the man who is judged by another. Woe to the man who judges. Neither is enviable. What is the good of it? What is the good of one man stamping another man as being less than he is?

You know by now that the love I speak of is not doting. It is not casual. It is not silly. It is not foolish. It just is love. It is stepping up to a higher place and looking from a vaster horizon and seeing a vaster one yet beyond where you stand. A vaster horizon means a vaster perspective. When life is only looked at only in inches, much is not seen and therefore much is missed.

Be a seer. See further. See beyond your nose. See beyond the spectacles that encircle and limit your eyes. Would that you would burst out of your bounds and see with the eyes of love.

Institutions have become places of rules. Education is superimposed. The inner is too often denied, and students must become other than themselves. A god of conformity has arisen, and honesty dishonored. Honesty and freedom are closely aligned.

Not one of My children is meant to be an automaton. Not one. What you do to another, you do to Me because I reside within every heart on earth. I am inherent. Make room for Me in your concept of Humankind. I am another Word for Love, so let love that is dormant in your heart reign, so that love is nourished everywhere.

When you are put in a position to stifle love, you are also in a position to give it. What would Wise Love give or do in a situation that is fraught with unlove? You know it will not be ordinary. It will be extraordinary. What would be an extraordinary thing for you to do right now? What would be an extraordinary way to do it?

Today be extraordinary. Be unexpected with love. Surprise yourself with love.

Today you are a bounteous bequeather of My love. Bequeath silently and bequeath out loud. Bequeath actively and by being still. However you might have reacted yesterday, today react differently or more extendedly. Be creative with love today. Be a creator of love today. Be a disseminator of love today. Let there be no mistake today that you are love on earth for the purpose of giving yourself (Me) everywhere to everyone. How gracious you are in fulfilling your life purpose! How graciously you flow through the universe!

Whatever you do today, do it with love. You need not call attention to the love from your heart, but it will be known just the same. Today you are a broadcaster of love, and you cast it broadly. In all directions, you cast love. You will never run out of love, so you never have to count it. You can be reckless in your spending of love because love is self-perpetuating. Love is arisen. Your heart is in bloom.

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