Love Is in Bloom

God said:

When there is clutter in your mind, there may well be clutter in your Life. Dispense with clutter. Clean your plate. Clear your slate.

Are you more at peace in the world surrounded with objects just on principle? Do you dust these objects frequently? Do you admire them? Do you really treasure them? If they are not treasures to you, ask yourself why you covet them. What do these possessions mean to you, and why must you keep them? Are they like worry beads for you? They must mean something to you, but what?

Everything on Earth is an idea. Everything you fumble with is an idea. Could collecting possibly be a way to help you forget who you really and truly are? Surrounding yourselves with things could be a way to block yourself from your True Self who ascends far higher than the surface of Life. It's possible that attachment is a way to distract yourself.

You, who are a powerful Being, may veil yourself with all manner of things. You collect. You may even scurry to collect. Love human Beings, beloveds.

Beloveds, get away from hoarding anyway. Give instead. Certainly, do not hoard Love. Circulate Love. Love is not a distraction. Love is IT. Love is alive and moving. Love does not sit on a shelf. Love is always. Love is omnipresent. Living is meant to be about Loving and nothing but Love.

You don’t conjure up Love. You expand Love. Love is fluid. Love moves. There is nothing more vital than Love. Love gives. Love does not take away.

Love your collections of Beauty. Go ahead, indulge yourself. The True Beauty you create is Love. Know the difference between love and attachment. Foster Love, and let your Love travel the world, travel the Universe, travel from one heart to another. Love is not kept. Love does not know how to collect dust.

Love Life. Love. Just Love. No need to make a business of loving. Promote love, love of God, love of Self. For Heaven's sakes, just love. Reveal the love in your heart to yourself. It is for you to know the Love that burgeons in your heart and deliver it to the world that hungers for Love, your Love.

Loving is immediate. Let go of the past and Love now. Love is alive and well, and cannot be collected and put on a shelf. Give out your Love to the world, to the masses, to the flowers, to every twig. Let your Love meet all hearts and leave an emblem of your Self. Love near, Love far. Just Love.

Love releases your heart to the Universe. Wherever you look, let there be your heart. Release your heart, now and forever. Your heart is not to be held back. Your heart is to be let go without cover-up. Love is Love, and that's it.

Love is the Truth of you. Anything less is not the Truth of you. Love Love, and let Love soar! Let your Love ring out around the world, here and there, and everywhere. Let your Love be well-begotten. Live Love and give Love as if there were nothing but Love in the whole vast world.

Be a light Mist of Love that lifts the world higher and higher. Lift your heart, and you lift all other hearts.

Let your Love be like the morning dew. Let your Love be like High Noon. Let your Love also be like the peace of twilight.

I will see your Love blooming, and I will look upon your giving Love, and I will say: "This is good."

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The timing of this Heaven Letter is perfect. I have two big bags and a smaller one to take to the Good Will tomorrow, plus I have a trunk load of articles for the Syrian family that will be moving to Victoria next month. I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

hi Christine

Interesting....just a week ago I started a new job at the local Goodwill in Sedona Az. I am working in the intake area....greeting people, receiving items and then sorting......great job! much love...jim.

Let your love be like the morning dew...

"Let your Love be like the morning dew. Let your Love be like High Noon. Let your Love also be like the peace of twilight."