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Love is always ripe!

Any moment is ready for love. Love is in full bloom now! The line for love is a no waiting line. No queues for love!

And the fruit of love is always perfectly ripe any time of the year..

Look into your heart and you will find plenty of fruit . Oh! There's a banana love...a melon love...a bread fruit love...a grape love...a pinnapple love...a quince love...a kumquat love...Love comes in all flavors and colors and shapes...but love is always juicey!

Maybe that's why I love God so much cause God is God must be juicy too.

And p.s., Jimi is juicy...and so are you!

With love, Jimi.

Any moment is ready for

Any moment is ready for love, oh Jimi, how I love your heart and the love you shower so gently on all of us ! I love God and love being juicy and overflowing....
You can't possibly know the blessing you are sweetest Jimi, but you mean the world to me.

Loving YOU always !