Look at Rainbows!

God said:

Stop grousing about life. Grousing means to complain. It's not smart to complain about life. So many of My children are very good at finding fault. Goodness knows how many have found grousing about life as easy as pie.

Look at the sky. Look at the colors of a rainbow. Look at blinking stars. Look at the yellow sun.

If you want peace in the world, bring peace to the world. Be the peace.

If you want joy in the world, bring joy to the world. Be joy itself.

If you want to bring a high vibration to the world, radiate a high vibration. Be that which you desire.

When you complain about crime in the world, what are you elevating?

When you gripe about poverty in the world, what good are you doing?

When you are angry with conditions in the world, what do you communicate?

Tut tut, you say about life in the world. Bring beauty to the world instead.

When someone sneezes, you say, "God bless you." What if you say, "God bless you," to the rain?

What if you sent out love to those who suffer in the world? What if you gave them love. Certainly don't get in an uproar because there is suffering as if that makes you noble. Do you perhaps think you are high and mighty?

You bless babies. You bless crying babies. Send blessings everywhere. Bless the world. Bless the ground you walk on.

Do not complain what others do or don't do.

Don't complain that the world was not made to suit you. Start loving the world instead. The world will rise. You will rise.

There is a saying: "Frown, and you frown alone. Smile and the world smiles with you." Life is an equal opportunity employer. It is true that when you smile the world smiles with you. It is equally true that when you frown, the world frowns with you. You make the world into what you see.

If you want to make the world a better place, look at the world differently, think about the world differently. Stop compounding what you don't like. Compound what you do like. Say something nice. Give some credit to the world. Cease giving demerits to the world. No more throwing stones. Hand out appreciation for that which your heart does appreciate.

It takes no talent to grouse about the world. That's the lazy way. Nor do I suggest you get on your soapbox. Get off your soapbox.

Right now, today, look for something that you like. Notice kindness. Be kind. Be kind even to that which you disdain. This doesn't mean to love poverty or hunger or war. Simply pay attention to what you see that you do like. You will multiply it.

It may be that Rome wasn't built in a day. With enough love in the world, the world can change overnight. Support love and blessings and stop wrangling about what you don't like.

If you disfavor the world, you are not happy with yourself. Gain happiness in yourself, and the world you see will change right before your eyes.

It is so easy to be a critic. It's easy to be a good critic, an outstanding critic, yet what good does criticizing do? It keeps you where you are.

I do not tell you to be blind or to pretend you are. You can let different sounds come out of your mouth. Sing a new song.

You are contagious. Your take on life is contagious. Spread light, not darkness. Point at flowers. The dirt that flowers grow in is also worthy of approval.

That's it. If you want to change the world, be an approver, not a disapprover.

You are destined to be the Light of the World.

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God, you're so much wiser

God, you're so much wiser than me, and I have not the wisdom to obey you yet, so I'll run around in hopefully productive circles while waiting for a bigger purpose, waiting the chance to dash on that straight line. God, be patient, lol, as disapproving is my forte.

You are honest and

You are honest and courteous.

You also woke me up a little with the word obey.

I never thought of myself as "obeying" or "disobeying" God. This never occurred to me until I read your post. .

In my life, something unexpected happened to me. The shortest way I can say it is that I fell in love with God with all my heart. I didn't do it. I didn't chase it. Probably it was a month or two before -- and this was not early in life -- that I found myself pounding the pillow -- I want to KNOW God for myself and not what someone else thought. You can read about this here:

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The dirt that flowers grow in is also worthy of approval.

God said:

On Earth, you are in disguise. You have even disguised yourself. You sashay around as if you were not the King’s son or daughter. You may have disguised yourself as a huffy person always in a hurry so afraid are you of being seen in all of My Glory.

You may have thought of yourself as someone objectionable when you are the Gold of My Heart.

A travesty has been perpetuated upon My children. You were not told the Truth of your heritage. You were fattened on flim-flam. You believed that you were the dirt of the Earth. This is no offense to the good soil of the Earth. The soil itself has also been maligned. Earth made of soil and other things holds itself together with a good sense of Self. And this is what you are to do. Know yourself as an Enlightened Being. Know how good the human being you are and are meant to be, and be it.