God Spins Gold

God said:

Beloved Child of Mine, remind yourself that, when you feel low, even at your very lowest, you are in a good place, for you are like a pitcher in baseball who pulls his arm way back before he throws the ball. Or, you are like a runner, who gets down low, then sprints forward with great momentum. Or, you are like an archer pulling back on your bow. When you stop pulling back and let go, whatever you are sending goes faster and farther and on target.

When you feel low, you are going to spring forward with power. You are going to rise to new heights.

I ask you not to be discouraged. Discouraged means disheartened. Certainly, you are not to dishearten yourself.

You can only rise higher. You will get up from being down. You have done it before. And you will do it again. As you rise, so will others. You set the momentum. You break the barriers that were in your mind, and others will also.

All your battles are with yourself. When you feel depressed, you have depressed yourself. Others and other matters may press upon you, yet you set the tone. If you feel reviled, you are the one who reviles yourself.

And when you feel inspired, no matter how much others have inspired you, you are your own inspirer.

You are your own everything, your own detractor, hider, show-off, mover, story-teller, actor and star of the show, target, savior, dispenser, mistake-maker, affronter, disbeliever, believer, astounder, rebounder, derelict, beater, jailer, freer. You are the belle of the ball, and you are the wallflower.

You make yourself tremble. You make yourself angry, and you make excuses for yourself. You belittle or aggrandize. You steal, or you give charity, You are glad, and you repent. You make merry, and you weep. There are all occasions in life, and you respond to them as you respond to them. You contribute to their regard or disregard of themselves.

Let your light shine forth. Uncover your eyes, and you take the blinders off others' eyes. One way or another, everyone reflects you. It’s time now for you to reflect Me with all the Light I have given to you. True Gold. You are True Gold. You are the Gold I have spun and given to you so that you may enlighten the world. You are certainly are not that speck of dust you have attributed to yourself. Wake up. Wake up now.  

If you are everyone and everything, then include Me. Think of yourself as Spun God. What else would I spin but Myself?

You are everyone and everything. You are responsible to everyone and everything. You are responsible for yourself. I made you in My Image, and you may make yourself into a wind-up toy who only acts as the world expects him to. At the very least, you are to be kind to yourself no matter how disheveled you may appear or what comments the world may make.

On Earth, you are in disguise. You have even disguised yourself. You sashay around as if you were not the King’s son or daughter. You may have disguised yourself as a huffy person always in a hurry so afraid are you of being seen in all of My Glory.

You may have thought of yourself as someone objectionable  when you are the Gold of My Heart.

A travesty has been perpetuated upon My children. You were not told the Truth of your heritage. You were fattened on flim-flam. You believed  that you were the dirt of the Earth. This is no offense to the good soil of the Earth. The soil itself has also been maligned. Earth made of soil and other things holds itself together with a good sense of Self. And this is what you are to do. Know yourself as an Enlightened Being. Know how good the human being you are and are meant to be, and be it.