All Thoughts Are Passing

God said:

Sharing your place in the Sun is one kind of generosity. Some of My children find sharing the limelight a squeeze on themselves. This may be insecurity displaying itself. You may like to help someone move forward, and then, when you do help, you may begin to feel as if you are being tailed. You find you are not so happy to pat the seat next to you and say from your heart: “Welcome. Sit here beside me.”

You battle yourself, feeling you don’t want someone else to have the glory you have when, to your mind, you may not see that they merit it. You may wish you could feel this, yet you don’t. You may feel that you represented yourself falsely.

Everyone is not equal to you in some way or another. Then you say to yourself: "Oh, if only I would not judge. Oh, if only I would not own. I have to wonder if I am not one of those people who has to be the Fairest of All. Is this why I feel cramped at sharing with this person?"

You may feel that this other has encroached on you. You really don’t have to be the best of all, best anything, yet you simply do not see this person and you as equal. This may be what is so hard for you, the need to present yourself as loving when you really are not, could this be?

You are also aware that this person next to you is also yourself, and you wonder why you can’t be happy to have this person share the limelight with you? Yet you flinch, even as you know all are you, that you are everyone, and everyone is you, even as you know that, ultimately, it is I, God, Who sits next to you or across from you. You know that I desire everyone to be equal to Me.

Yet there is another element for you here. You may be a great dress designer, let's say, and you really really may not treasure the other person’s designs. You don't want to be a rival. It is simply hard for you to smile as if you did love the other’s work. You don’t want to be artificial.  

Sure, you can act the part of a supporter, yet in your heart, you aren’t. This is your dilemma.

And there is yet another possibility here, that the other is consciously or subconsciously stepping on your toes. Maybe he or she desires to zoom ahead of you, and this is what you are reacting to. Maybe you are picking up this person’s need to surpass you.

You simply don’t want to be part of this energy, regardless of where it comes from. You don’t want these thoughts following you, and yet these thoughts keep coming up, and you feel riddled with the other’s hopes and needs. Whether you are perhaps being hounded, or the other is too much under your microscope, you simply don’t know how to get away from these thoughts.

You don’t feel good about this other. In some way you feel negative about this person, and you feel guilty that you do. Guilt is negativity the same as animosity. You also have a sense of feeling sorry for this individual, and that is not a good spot for you to be in either. You would love to get out of the whole situation, and yet you don’t seem able to remove yourself emotionally.

Sometimes in life, there are situations you simply don’t know how to stop reacting to. You would love to remove yourself from emotional involvement.

Dear Ones, keep going forward, and simply treat this situation like rain and let it roll off your back.

You wish you knew how to detach yourself. This is your real difficulty. Whatever the cause may be, it is difficult for you to become unattached. In this case, the inability to detach is like an addiction you succumb to. It can be overcome, and you will overcome it. You will think about this situation less. These thoughts do not have to occupy you and press upon you. All thoughts are passing, beloveds.

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These messages are so beyond

These messages are so beyond perfect, perfect timing, perfect for me. Thank you.