Logic Goes Only So Far

God said:

Everyone on Earth wants to understand everything. You may say to yourself or to someone:

"If only I could understand. If only I could understand why such and such happened, why the flowers in my Life wilt, and why scrimmages and heartache befall to everyone, rich or poor. How can suffering exist at all, God, in a world You made for us to have joy in?"

Hark, Beloveds. It is your conjecture that your pinpointing a cause will make you feel better. All of Life, in terms of Earth vision, even if you could trace all the begats, so long as you uphold a sense of loss, your heart aches. In your terms, Life gives, and Life takes away, as if Life comes down to arithmetic.

There is a deep world belief in having to have and having to keep close by your side whatever you believe you possess. You keep it close to you for fear of Life's taking it away from you at the other end of the rainbow.

If all of Life is but imagined, and the having to have is part of your imagined Life, then how can anything that does not exist be taken from you? Ah, logic goes only so far. When push comes to shove, logic does not serve.

At the same time, what exists in the world that is not just an idea? Therefore, have ideas that settle your grievances. Have acceptance rather than grievance. Grief does not have to be valued, nor would I ask that you be heartless and fluff off whatever occurs on Earth.

Go ahead, howl at what you see as loss. How many times must you howl? How long a period of non-existent time does the world say you are to howl? Even the world seems to say that a year is long enough to wear black, yet, even the world has not enacted this as a law, and, yet, even in this contemporary day and age, access to grieving is easy.

Of course, the grief you feel is not something you prolong at your insistence, and yet, your grief goes on and on and recurs even when you are not expecting it. Suddenly, grief rattles your heart. Put your arms around the grief, and then move on, for the sun is still shining.

Perhaps your grieving makes you feel closer to what matters to you.

Okay, so something meaningful to you is irreplaceable. There are no two alike. Life is a diamond with many facets. Do facets have to have names like sorrow and pain? Remembering makes your heart ache, and you live your life despite your heart's aching.

Realization of forgetting also makes your heart ache, and you live your life despite this particular kind of ache. Ah, heartache carries its own sweetness. It tells you that once you had a great love or two or more.

The main thing is to make this Life you live today beautiful. It's okay to grieve and still have a bounce in your step. It's permissible to have several streams flowing at once in your Life, some free-flowing, some dammed up.

What does it mean that Life is what you make of it? This is true, isn't it? Ah, Life also includes what you don't make of it.

Make a truce with Life. Make peace with Life. Settle with Life at the same time as you don't settle for the past. Sometimes Life is like a stranger you meet by the wayside.

You are enmeshed in Life. Life is your occupation. It is also your hobby. Life is the school you go to. Life is like a door ajar, and you are always invited to enter and make Life grand.

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I like it so much: "Make a truce with Life!" :-)
And I like the logical demonstration of the boundaries of logic! ;-) Thank you!

Contemporary day and age is

Contemporary day and age is not a phrase I would have thought an ancient God can make. Timeless, I often forget him to be.

God. I'm so detached that daily Heavenletters start to seem impersonal. But you're there, or here, so you'll hear my howls, and you'll note my silence, won't you?

You'll read through my jittery walks, and my nonstop laughter. Can you miss something, God, when all seems available to you? You might say you miss us being aware and close to you, but you exist in all planes of time, so surely that is simply a way of human phrase.

God. Never forget to remind us the very obvious, like how love is inherently mutual.
Or, negative generalisations may be true, but negative is a subjective proposal taken from an incomplete context.
Be there for me, and consequently all of mankind, order irrelevant, dear God, because, you can't escape yourself, and neither can we. I say this under the looming understanding of our unity.

'And you are always invited

'And you are always invited to enter and make life grand'. I love this. I will memorize it, and repeat, whenever I feel bad. Thank You!