Like a Thousand Stars

God said:

Feeling sorry for yourself supports the idea of being a victim. There is more to life than being a victor or a victim. One of two ways is not the way to look at life. Life is not a question of Mine or thine. Life is not a question of kill or be killed. Life is not a question of right or wrong. Life usually isn’t so clear as a Yes or a No. Alas, what are opposites but judgment whether of another or yourself? There is no scale sensitive enough to weigh wonderfulness or lack of wonderfulness.

Either/or exists in life in the world. In the world, something is or it is not. In Truth, there are ripples of opportunity. Either/or is fiction. Between black and white, there are many shades of color. This is where understanding comes into the picture.

Good and bad are not so structured as the world would have them. What is mercy but seeing more possibilities? What is understanding but understanding greater than opposites? That which is called wrong action – what is it but misunderstanding or lack of understanding? In the darkness of viewpoint, it is so easy to mistake a tree for a goblin.

It is better to include than exclude. Whenever you feel yourself dismissing someone or something, pause and think again how this serves you, the seeming other, and the world. Or does it serve judgment?

There is intention. You do not always see what another intends. Another is not always himself aware of what he intends.

I will tell you that it is better for you not to be wary. What is being wary but looking for a demonstration of ill-will? Put away your microscope. See from a greater distance. From a greater distance, you may see more clearly. In any case, you see through the telescope of your vision. There is a deeper Reality for you to hold hands with.

Impartial isn’t the right word. Become more partial, I would say. Become more partial to love, I would say.

What if you would see the world from love? What would you see? What if you could see into hearts from your own heart? What if you could really see as I do see? You would favor all. You would bless all. You would make a difference in everyone’s life. You would shine light like a thousand stars. You would pick everyone up and brush them off.

The Truth is that there is no distance between you and another, and everyone you see is yourself. Yes, others may need to widen their horizons, and you are no exception. If you want others to rise higher, so must you rise higher. There is outer vision, and there is inner-vision. You might prefer to look outside and pinpoint others when it makes more sense for you to look within.

Perhaps you have been thinking with emotion: “What is wrong with that person? What is he thinking?”

Perhaps you could be thinking instead: “What is right with that person? Where is my heart?”

The human mind is not insignificant. The human mind is a great factor in life. At the same time, the human heart is more vital and necessary and more to the point than the mind. This not to knock the human mind. I created it, after all. The apex of My creation, however, is the heart. The heart is the heart of the matter. The mind thinks. The mind can think all manner of things. Yet the heart is a determiner. The heart gives and the heart receives. The heart cannot succeed in being rigid. Rigidity is an anathema to the heart. The heart beats. The heart knows Truth. Truth is often covered up by the mind. The mind discusses and thinks whether something is true or not. The Heart knows. The Heart tells the temperature. The heart does not rationalize. The mind rationalizes. What seems rational in the world does not always state Truth. Your heart is true. Look out for your heart and for the hearts of seeming others, for they are also you and One with Me.

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Love this Heavenletter!

Love this Heavenletter!