Like a Star in the Firmament

God said:

When someone or something makes you laugh, be glad. When anything makes you laugh, it's making you look in a new way. That is just what humor does. And that's what all the seeming error in life does. It makes you look once, twice or thrice. It interrupts your regular chain of thought and makes you think.

It's like when a car stops fast in front of you. You have to put on the brakes. You hadn't planned on it, but there you are, taken aback, pulled up short, looking startled.

The world is more topsy-turvy than you know.

All the interruptions in life are occasions to make you look in a new way. At least they are occasions to make you look.

You spilled out a box of pick-up sticks, and now you put them back but not the way they came out. Each time is not the same.

You deal a deck of cards, and you never know what configuration you will get.

You roll the roulette wheel of life. Often your eyes are careless and you don't see where the ball landed. Your eyes need checking. Your view of life needs checking.

This is how to look at life in a new vein:

First let go of all the assumptions you have held. Start over. You have to let go of your vast store of wisdom or it ties you up and holds you back.

Be like the youngest son who knows he doesn't know much and sets out on his journey anyway. His high card is his very innocence. When his heart and mind are open, all kinds of people and events wind their way to help him. Innocence becomes a signal to all of nature to rush to his feet.

Innocence is not helplessness.

When you are Imbued with acquired foolproof knowledge, you think you know exactly what you should do and how life should transpire. And, so, you leave a narrow path before you. You leave a narrow path, and you close doors ahead and behind you. You confuse all of nature by telling it that you know very well how to play this hand. Then nature has to untangle before it can help sort you out.

If life is a game, you cannot be decisive on how it must unfold. Certainly, life is more than a game of chance. At the same time, there is a lot of leeway. And it is you, the player, who must allow the leeway.

You want wonderful things to occur, and yet you want to load the dice. You want to order the dice into a certain sequence, as if you were the commander. You are the player, and you are also the figure moved, and you have a say. But you do not have the final say.

You are also the game board, as it were, for the game is played on your stomach. You are the theater, and you are the whole story and you are the writer, and yet you do not know the next move. You are as surprised as anyone. Or not surprised any more than anyone. Indeed, life has its own way about it.

One time it rushes and you can hardly keep your breath. Another time it dawdles and drags its feet, while you impatiently stamp yours. Sometimes you feel that life is a paddle-board and you are the bouncy ball attached to it, swung and batted this way and that.

And yet you are the star of life. This is for you to hold on to. You have been placed like a star in the firmament for the sole purpose of shining your light. Shine now.

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2 Heavenletter Haiku for

2 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said about life
Let go of all assumptions
Of foolproof knowledge

God said laugh be glad
Look at life in a new way
Leave the narrow path

Love, Light and Aloha!