Light Waves

God said:

All waves are light. Waves are pictures of light moving. Your brain waves are light moving. Waves move. The crests of them rise and seemingly pause a split second until they continue themselves. Undulating waves of light. Your thoughts are light.

Electricity is light. Sound is light. Sight is light. Touch is a signal of light. Density is light. Light makes light. Rub together two sticks of light seen as wood, and you have light. Fire is light. And you are light.

You are an extension of My light. That means you are a wand of My light. You wave My light around on earth. Wave My light high. Expand the arc of My light that you wave.

If all is light, then you are light. That thought lifts your heart for a moment, yet you often still consider your life and yourself weights on earth. But light weighs nothing. And you cannot be weighed down except in your thoughts.

No matter how heavy your thoughts, they weigh nothing.

Waves like to be loose. They do not like tightness. They require freedom to move in the flow of themselves. Let your waves be full. Let them rise high and go far. Let them be long.

The strings of your light are double, for they overlap. Where there is crest there is also valley, and where there is valley, there is also crest. We can say your waves of My light are tripled. We can say they are multitudinous. The light waves of you twang across the universe, and your reverberations meet themselves. It is hardly possible to tell the difference between incoming and outgoing waves of you.

The point factor of waves is illusion, for you are nothing but light, and light cannot really be singled out. It cannot be taken from itself and isolated.

Light is light. It may have variations, but light is still light and nothing else but light.

Your light waves can be called vibrations of light, so we come to the fact that light and sound are the same, and everything else that your senses tell you is also light. We can say that all the senses are but one sense. The five senses that carry you along in earth life are but aspects of one sense of light presented to you. There is nothing but light in the universe I created; yet in life, you focus on various aspects.

From light you came, and light you are. You are light from Heaven that now walks on the light called earth.

Light alighted.

Light curves its waves, and makes patterns of music and color and taste and aroma and a sounding called touch. There is so-called movement you call time. Light radiates so fast you see only the aftermath of it. Like the stars you see in the sky that are an image of where their light was, what you see on earth was created long ago and has already moved on in its waviness, for there is timelessness, not margins of time.

You are not in pieces but in wholeness. You are not in time, but in timelessness. Anything less than eternity and Oneness is illusion based on particles of moving light. But light in life moves, and light embraces you, and you are instantaneousness because eternity is that. It is non-moving light that apparently keeps moving, revolving in life. The traces you see are but fragments of what already encircles your heart. You are light-borne.

Light is not dependent upon the beep of your heart which is only a signal of light. Your heartbeat is not the light itself, for light only seems to pause, and therefore only seems to move, but eternity does not pause, and yet it contains everything because everything comes from it. Everything is nothing but light passing through itself.

By the same token as there is no time, there is no space. Nothing takes up nothing. All stands still. Nothing moves. And that is how the plane of life you live on is illusion. Oneness exists, and all else is play of the Oneness. There is no time. There is no space. The world you live in is an alternate reality, but it is not the Real. Pull your earth reality closer to the Light.

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On the edge

Born under the starsign Aries, I can't help my endless curiosity for finding out who and what we really are.
So when Cosmic HL Generator brought this one up, I could not resist translating.

On the edge of what words can tell, God explains a bit of Creation in this HL.

It made me think of what I once read somewhere ( I don't remember when or where, but that's only natural...for what is time and space after all?) : that we are Light creating the life that we live, but it happens so fast, that we can never see ourselves creating it, and allthough I would love to see how we do it, we are always one step behind.
Call me crazy, but these things intrigue me!

And with each Divine Upgrade we come closer........until we are pure Light again, but by that time the curiosity for finding out how it works has already been given up and questions don't exist anymore, or else we would not be able to be Pure Light.

So I guess, it makes no sense to look for these answers, and yet I cannot help myself,..... until......

Thank you, Anco, I am also

Thank you, Anco, I am also intrigued by this most beautiful Heavenletter.
God's description is very close to the "String Theory" which has not been experimented yet. But, here, we have the Consciousness factor whom science doesn't consider.
All is Light, waves or vibrations overlapping and propagating across the Universe are the illusion of the One.

patterns of music and color

Thank God and Anco and Emilia for a web page brimming with inspiration.

Poor sience. There seem to be quite a few shocks in store for it. Not considering the "Consciousness factor" has been its very nature from the beginning, its reason for being. But if two sticks of light were not seen as wood, we wouldn't have the illusion of heated rooms we can light at the flick of a switch. I love seeing wood, and I love seeing light (and I love a warm house with all of those scientific illusions piped in). Let's have it all. I believe we can safely include the "Consciousness factor" now without making those sticks of wood and drops of dew and of milk disappear.