You Are the Chooser

God said:

Consider that you roll through life. You roll over plains. You roll over seas. You roll over brambles. You roll over grass. You are the roller.

That is your relative life from beginning to end. You roll, and you pause, and you roll and pause again, and there comes a time when you stop rolling on the planes of relative life, and then you have no choice but to soar.

But you are a soarer now, because as you roll up and down the terrains of life, a Heavenward part of you soars.

With every breath, you soar. With every roll of your life, you soar. You are the soarer.

Even when you tumble to the depths, you rise, for you are the riser.

Everything is more than it seems.

You are the one who sees with your eyes, and yet you see far beyond your eyesight. You are the seer.

You see light. You are the lighter.

You see dark. You are the darkener.

You see gifts. You are the giver.

You see beauty. You are the beauty.

You become that which you see. If you do not like what you see, see beyond. Elevate your eyes.

Everything everything lies before you. You choose what you see. You are the chooser. You are not only the chosen.

Everything in the world, and everything in nature, is a manifestation of you. You are the flower petal, and you are the war. You are the dew on the grass, and you are the grass. You are the mist, and you are the sun. You are the pattern of tree-branches, and you are what is seen through them.

You are the rocks, and you are the athletes. You are the weaver at the loom, and you are the loom and what is woven on the loom.

You are the words, and you are what they say.

You are your thoughts, and you are far beyond them.

You are on the forefront, and you are behind the scenes.

You are the sun, and you are the light it shines.

There is nothing you have not been, and nothing you cannot be.

You are at a crossroads. At every moment, you have a decision to make. Be the decider of you.

Do not leave who you are to chance. You are a roller, not a rambler.

You are the decider of yourself today.

You choose what clothes to wear. You choose to walk or drive. You choose to say hello or to not. You choose to look up at the sky, or you choose not.

All is choice before you, and it is yours to choose.

Be you in a prison, you have choice before you. Be you in a palace, you have the same choice: to be a prisoner or a queen.

Surface restrictions are upon you, and they too can make you expand, just as expansiveness can make you contract. It is not the restrictions nor the expansiveness that are the making of you. You are the making of you.

I made you sacrosanct, and you choose to reveal your holiness or to hold it in abeyance. Your holiness is not in question. Lift the lid a little bit, and a little of your holiness is revealed. Lift the lid wide open, and all of you is revealed.

But you are you, revealed or unrevealed. You have choices to make, but there is nothing integral for you to change. You only have to reveal.

You think you have to be brave to reveal yourself. Take My hand then, and have My heart, but bravery is not an issue. Is the sun brave to shine? No, it is only truthful. It shines its truth which is light. And so shall you shine your truth for all to see. That is Our covenant.